Do you know your HRO?

May 2, 2022  //  FOUND IN: Strategy & Leadership

Over the next few months, the HRO leadership team will focus on leadership rounding. When leaders round consistently with their teams, everyone involved can benefit in the following ways:

  • Leaders receive a first-hand understanding of front-line operations, while giving employees an opportunity to be heard.
  • A mutual purpose is established related to both unit/local goals and organizationwide initiatives such as high reliability and safety.
  • The team feels heard and supported so members can feel psychological safe to speak up or stand up for those who speak up.
  • Rounding provides more opportunities to celebrate team and individual achievements.
  • Team members closest to the work are empowered to make suggestions and lead in decision making.
  • Barriers to safety/system improvements are removed (which can save time if done in real time during rounding or huddles)

The new Leadership Rounding Website offers tools, training and time management advice for leaders, and aligns this work with the BASE strategic priorities.

For more information about HRO skills visit the High Reliability website or the Path Forward website.