Birth Center surge strategy

May 17, 2022  //  FOUND IN: Strategy & Leadership

The Birth Center in Von Voigtlander Women’s Hospital is anticipated to have an increase once again in expected delivery dates over the summer months. To accommodate this expected increase and provide our patients safe, highly reliable care, we need to provide the Birth Center with a minimum range of 4-7 additional beds.

Based on last year’s successful strategy and the experience gained from all our teams, C&W, Adult Hospitals and Capacity Strategy workgroups have been actively meeting to plan for this summer’s increase and the downstream safety and quality impacts for patients, families and staff. The team has devised the following strategy:

  • The overflow of healthy Birth Center patients and their newborns (mother-baby couplets) will be temporarily placed on 8 East in patient room numbers 7-10.
  • Adult GYN/GYO patients on 8 East will temporarily flex to the five closed-door rooms on MH4 Adult Overflow (located in Mott PACU on the fourth floor).
  • Pediatric patients cared for in the MH4 Adult Overflow location will flex exclusively to MH4 Pediatric Overflow (located in Mott PACU on the fourth floor) in the nine curtained bays.

This strategy goes into effect today, May 17.

It is expected the teams will be able to return to previous workflows and unit locations by Aug. 31.

Thank you to the Environment of Care team for their assistance in the planning and execution of this strategy.

And thank you for your support and partnership in these adjustments as we continue to provide safe, highly reliable care to each of our patients.