The importance of cybersecurity at Michigan Medicine — how you can play your part

April 1, 2022  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources,

With the ongoing events in eastern Europe, there has been advice and direction from U.S. government agencies regarding the possibility of increased cybersecurity-based attacks and how critical infrastructure sectors — including health care — should prepare.

Most recently from the White House is a statement by President Joe Biden on our nation’s cybersecurity and includes a tip sheet that outlines steps to future protect against potential attacks.

There is no immediate specific threat against Michigan Medicine that the organization is aware of, and teams have been continually improving our cybersecurity protections for several years. Recently, several more steps were taken to further protect the organization based on current events and threats.

Michigan Medicine takes these warnings seriously — but security is a shared responsibility and we depend on you to do your part as well.

Our specific request and expectations are:

  • Be vigilant for email phishing attempts. By far, phishing is the No. 1 cause of Michigan Medicine security incidents. Malicious actors use this method relentlessly and it only takes one failure in judgement for there to be extraordinary consequences.
  • If you are responsible for the operations of network connected devices and devices, ensure you are patching. Threat actors hone in on unpatched systems and use them to pivot throughout our institution to expand their malicious impact.
  • Report suspected information security events through HITS by visiting and use the ‘Report Phish’ button in your email to route suspicious email to the appropriate team for investigation. If you do not have the ‘Report Phish’ button available, please forward the suspicious email to
  • Be resilient and prepared. Ransomware attacks, breaches, and disruptions are more common. Make sure you are taking reasonable steps to back up your critical data and that you are using your technologies and services in line with U-M and Michigan Medicine policies.

Thanks for all you do in helping protect Michigan Medicine.