Spring called and said ‘outside is open’

April 6, 2022  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources,

Michiganders know that winter eventually fades away and the sun begins to shine upon our faces (and grass) with warmth and much-needed vitamin D. While the warmer temperatures are slightly delayed in their arrival this year, the anticipation increases as the days pass by. 

Whether it’s a computer, television, phone or tablet, most people look at a screen for a significant amount of time per day. Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to turn away from those screens for a few minutes and plan outdoor activities or prepare the garden. That’s because research has shown that being outside is good for both mental and physical health. 

Around the region, most restaurants and businesses have lifted COVID-19 restrictions and are open, meaning there will be plenty of activities and events resuming this season. For example, the Eastern Market Flower Day is back in Detroit (more on that below)! However, even if you are not ready to be around large groups of people, there are still plenty of activities you can do outside that provide peace, energy and nature’s beautiful view. 

Check out the list below: 

  • Take a daily outdoor walk or jog: Walking is a great way to explore your neighborhood and appreciate the nature in your local environment. 
  • Dust off your bicycle: Did you buy a pandemic bike? If so, it’s the perfect time to bring it back out. Take a ride around the neighborhood or explore one of Michigan’s state parks. 
  • Catch a baseball game: The U-M baseball team still has a few games left this season. Check out the schedule here. Also, Opening Day is this week for the Detroit Tigers. It’s still a little cold out, but here is their schedule in case you want to catch a game. 
  • Eastern Market Flower Day 2022: Want beautiful flowers for your home from local growers? Visit Detroit’s Eastern Market on May 15 for Flower Day. In addition, there will be five Flower Season Tuesday Markets on May 3, 10, 17, 24 and 31!
  • Outdoor exercise activities: In addition to bicycle riding, roller blading, outdoor yoga and hiking are a few examples of outdoor exercise activities that are perfect for the spring. 
  • Take indoor activities outside: Take your favorite indoor activities outdoors for enhanced creativity. Allow your inspiration for hobbies to thrive by painting, writing and reading outside. When working from home, take your laptop outside to enjoy the sun while getting work done. 
  • Start your garden process: April is the month to start cleaning out your garden beds (weeds,  mulch, debris, leaves) in preparation for spring. Whether you are growing fruits, vegetables or flowers, take advantage of the sunny, warm days to get moving outside. 
  • Spring cleaning: We can’t leave this one off the list. Take some time to clean out the garage, the basement, closets and other areas of your home that could use a refresh. If you have a few unused pandemic purchases, try donating those items or selling them. When you clear your home, you clear your mind! (You could also use this time to clean out your email inbox or your desktop!) 

Whatever activities you decide to do this spring, remember to have fun and be safe. 

If you want to share your favorite spring activity, please email headlines@med.umich.edu


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