Making a Difference by improving the patient and employee experience

April 25, 2022  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees, ,

Today marks the beginning of Patient Experience Week and what better way to celebrate it then by sharing the many ways our employees positively impact our patients’ experiences — while also supporting coworkers and improving the Michigan Medicine work environment. 

The following Making a Difference Awards, shared through the Recognition site, show the close connection between the patient and employee experience (the E within our BASE strategic priorities.)

Without a Positive and Engaged Faculty and Staff, we cannot support strong Patient and Family Centered Care. Both of these strategic initiatives are key to our organization’s success. In addition, these examples show how well colleagues demonstrate our core values of caring, inclusion, teamwork, integrity and innovation.

Reliable, consistent care patients and staff can count on 

Daniel O’Toole, occupational therapist 

“Daniel, the amount of caring and compassion you had for our lovely 5A patient (as you do with all of your patients) [was inspiring]. She raved about you before you even entered the room and continued to give you praise during our two days together. You made her experience memorable and life-changing (as she told us herself!).”

Alexis Vowell, call center representative

“Alexis has made a significant difference in the care of multiple patients. She is so easy to work with, is an excellent communicator and I can’t imagine our division without her. She also has been instrumental in future planning of our clinic staffing and grid composition which is a testament to her character and desire to make our division a better place for patients. Thanks, Alexis, for everything you do, our institution is a better place because of you!”

Alison Postiff, social worker – psychiatry

“Allison always handles engagement with faculty, staff and patients with professionalism and with patient safety at the forefront.”

Elizabeth Del Cimmuto, R.N.

“Beth always goes that extra mile for her patients. She is constantly working hard and making sure everything is running smoothly for our service in the operating rooms. Her positive attitude and humor helps build an enjoyable working environment!”

Positive attitude that shines

Ashley Alexander, unit custodian

“Ashley comes to work each day with a positive attitude in our ICU. She is always smiling which is much needed for our patients and staff. She is frequently present and takes pride in her work, which shows her dedication toward her patients as well as the cleanliness of our facilities. You can tell she truly cares about patients.”

Tony Gardette, medical assistant

“Tony was so accommodating today! He always has such a positive attitude and today he made sure that I was able to care for my post-operative patients. He always manages to figure things out and his ‘we will make it work’ attitude is so appreciated. Thanks for all you do Tony!”

Supporting care teams

Andrew Gutting, business systems analyst

“Many thanks to you, Andrew, for all your help on the Bedside project, particularly your work on how the app is affected by the iPad, MDM and network. It’s a pleasure working with you to create this amazing solution for our patients.”

Allyson Zick, social worker

“Allyson manages an exceptional number of requests for care management support in our clinic and continues to offer support to our patients and clinicians. Thank you!”

Arkeem Kirk, unit custodian 

“Arkeem goes above and beyond each day on 8D to spend time with our patients to make them feel as though they matter. Arkeem can be seen working hard to keep our unit clean while providing active listening to the patients. Thank you, Arkeem!”

Amber Hurd, patient services intermediate 

“Amber, thank you for being a great partner as we are collaborating to ensure accurate and timely clinic opening or closures are completed for our faculty. I appreciate you and enjoy working with you. We don’t have to sit in the same office or building to be a good support for one another.”

We’re better together

Domino’s Farms Cardiovascular Medicine Team

“This Cardiovascular Medicine at Domino’s Farms team received very enthusiastic praise from a patient regarding his care. While leaving the Echo suite the patient had a fall and he said the staff was so attentive and caring. You all took such good care of him, helped him to his car in the rain and even followed up later that day. He wants you all to know how much he appreciates you and really enjoys coming to Domino’s Farms for his care. Great job on the values of caring, teamwork and inclusion.”

Amy Thompson, program director and the TOC Pharmacy D Team

“Thank you, Amy and the TOC Pharm D Team, for all your contributions toward the Sepsis Transitions of Care team. Amy partnered with the Clinical Design and Innovation team to reduce readmissions for the sepsis population. Amy worked with her team to implement a Sepsis Checklist that the Pharm.D.s utilize during their follow up to sepsis survivors. Thanks to you and your team for making this workflow possible and having an impact on this patient population!”

Mentoring and teaching others

Courtney Uhlar, M.D., house officer, internal medicine

“Thank you, Dr. Uhlar, for taking time out of your busy schedule to facilitate an educational session to help pharmacy and medical students develop interprofessional skills to care for geriatric patients. We appreciate your expertise and medical students will too. Thank you for participating!”

Ann Marie Steckroth, surgical tech specialist 

“Ann Marie has been an amazing preceptor and has gone above and beyond to make me feel welcome in the OR and among the other staff members in our core. On her breaks she has given me tours of the operating room and staff break rooms and has even shown me some tips and tricks for some of the surgical procedures that I would not have gotten on my own. I have really felt welcomed into the OR because of having great preceptors like her. She truly cares about teaching the new RN interns.”

Bill Burton, security officer 

“Bill selflessly shared his expertise in de-escalation techniques with the Frankel Cardiovascular Center operating room staff. In doing so, Bill has empowered our staff to enhance their personal safety as well as our unit’s culture of safety. Indeed, Bill has shared his legacy of commitment to the service of others.”