Continuous improvement becoming a way of life at Michigan Medicine

April 11, 2022  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees, ,

Advancing health to serve Michigan and the world isn’t just a mission statement — it’s a “way of life” for faculty and staff across the organization.

That’s because every day, colleagues work hard to continuously improve quality and safety of care provided to patients.

To celebrate this work, Quality Month — held every October at Michigan Medicine — is seeking submissions for the annual poster sessions.

Teams from all areas of the organization are encouraged to submit their work aimed at improving the quality and safety of care for patients.

“We know that our teams are doing incredible work every day,” said Kevin DeHority, a continuous improvement adviser and chair of the Quality Month planning committee. “In fact, Quality Month and celebrating this type of work is becoming a way of life at Michigan Medicine — and we’re looking forward to continuing that tradition in 2022.”

Today is the first day that posters will be accepted for this year’s celebration. The due date for posters to be submitted is Friday, July 8.

Click here for more information on how to submit a poster (scroll to resources at the bottom of the page).

Recent submissions making a real difference

A number of poster submissions from recent years have proven to be a rousing success — making Michigan Medicine a better place to work and heal.

For instance, the Michigan Population Health and Access to Surgical Care Track (or MPACT) is helping patients gain access to resources that they need.

“Since our presentation last year, MPACT is now helping to build capacity across the institution to offer outpatient smoking cessation services to patients,” said Alisha Lussiez, a member of the MPACT team. The group has also begun distributing a Partners in Care questionnaire to all pre-operative patients.

Another 2021 exemplar team has implemented K-card rounds to prevent pressure injuries in Mott’s Respiratory Care area. More than 1,400 rounds have been implemented in the past couple of years leading to a 40 percent reduction in pressure injuries in the children’s hospital.

“Using K-cards has shifted the way we think about preventing hospital-acquired conditions,” said Katie Li,  who is part of the K-card team. “The cards are an HRO tool that enable a structured, psychologically safe conversation and align with local learning systems to promote proactive prevention.”

Tools for success

Individuals or teams who are looking for resources to help with an ongoing project can access the Quality Department website where they will find an abundance of tools and templates that can help. Each tool comes with instructions for use (some have links to short learning videos) and a completed sample.

If you are unsure about which tool to use, the Quality Improvement Tool Roadmap is a great resource. This roadmap allows individuals to visually walk through the problem-solving process and highlights specific tools that will be useful at each stage.

“If you are new to continuous improvement work, or if this is your first time submitting a poster to Quality Month, these tools are incredibly helpful,” said DeHority. “Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for teams to share their work and celebrate their achievements with colleagues, so we make these tools easily accessible and useable for anyone who wants them.”

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Month-long celebration

Posters submitted before the July 8 deadline will be eligible for inclusion in the annual Quality Month Symposium and various poster sharing sessions. 

The Quality Month planning committee is still finalizing details for this year’s event so stay tuned to Headlines for more information in the coming months.

Teams who are interested in submitting a poster to Quality Month can find a poster template and instructions for submitting on the Quality Month website (scroll to bottom). Any team who has presented their work previously (at another conference or meeting) is encouraged to submit their work in its existing template. It does not have to be reformatted into the Quality Month template, however every submission will be reviewed by the planning committee prior to acceptance for the poster sessions.

New this year! Physicians and PAs may be eligible to receive Part IV MOC credit for this activity as well. Please email or see the website for more information. (Posters must be accepted to Quality Month to be considered for MOC credit.)

Teams interested in reviewing a project with a continuous improvement specialist can click here to set up a time for one-on-one virtual coaching. 


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