Building Toward Belonging Implicit Bias Training available in May

April 7, 2022  //  FOUND IN: Strategy & Leadership,

Michigan Medicine is pleased to introduce the Building Toward Belonging: Michigan Medicine Implicit Bias Training (LARA Compliant) that will serve as the foundation for a continuous curriculum to help us evolve into a more respectful and inclusive academic medical center.

This mandatory training is the organization’s first step in developing a continuous curriculum to educate our community on why inclusion matters, identify key allyship behaviors that reduce the influence of implicit bias in decision-making, and integrate strategies for mitigating bias in daily work.

It encourages participants to build an inclusive mindset over time which can help Michigan Medicine shift to a more accountable culture related to diversity, equity and inclusion. The course meets new guidelines of the mandatory LARA Implicit bias Training while also supporting the BASE strategic priority of Belonging, and the Michigan Medicine strategic initiative of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Open sessions of the Building Toward Belonging: Michigan Medicine Implicit Bias Training will begin in May and will be required for all Michigan Medicine faculty, staff and learners.

The training will be comprised of three one-hour modules that can be taken individually or in sequence to meet licensing requirements. These trainings will be held both as open sessions and upon unit requests.

Faculty and staff who must complete implicit bias training for immediate re-licensure in May, June and July will always be eligible to attend any open session – even if otherwise considered full. To request an override to attend a full capacity course, email: New licensees are required to complete two hours of training while previously licensed faculty and staff are only required to take one hour of training per year.  

LARA requirements state that as of June 1, 2022, new applicants for health care licensure or registration will need to complete a minimum of two hours of training; and applicants for renewal will need to complete a minimum of one hour of training annually, equaling up to three hours total for a three-year license renewal. 

For more information about the Implicit Bias Training, please visit the Implicit Bias Training webpage. To register for this course in MyLinc, click here.

We are expecting to have an external offering of our training, Building Toward Belonging: Implicit Bias Training (LARA Compliant), available starting in July 2022. This 1-hour training will be fee-based and meet the State of Michigan LARA implicit bias requirements. If you are interested in being added to a wait list to receive more information on this training, please submit this interest form. If you are seeking this training for your organization, please provide those details in the form.

Email with any additional questions.


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