Boost your money know-how during Financial Literacy Month

April 11, 2022  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Personal finances continue to be a leading cause of stress for many of us. A recent study found that nearly 9 in 10 Americans feel anxious about money.

April is National Financial Literacy Month, which encourages individuals to boost their financial know-how when it comes to paying bills, managing debt, and saving money. Understanding how to handle money matters helps to relieve financial stress and increases your ability to make good financial decisions for you and your family.

Financial stress occurs when there’s uncertainty around finances, a sense of worry about the future, or a lack of security. Like most types of stress, this can impact your sleep, physical and emotional health, relationships, performance at work, and family life.

Resources and support are available

The MHealthy website includes information, programs, and university and national resources to help support your financial well-being. Learn about:

  • The basics of financial literacy
  • Managing your money
  • Managing your debt
  • Understanding and improving your credit score
  • Setting financial goals

MHealthy has partnered with U-M Credit Union to create a three-part video series covering popular financial topics. Get expert advice on ways to use your tax refundsaving, and how to build and maintain a high credit score.

The MHealthy Portal, powered by Asset Health includes a self-guided Path to Wellness program and two Knowledge courses focused on financial well-being. 

TIAA and Fidelity Investments, U-M’s partners in its Basic Retirement Plan, are also offering several free webinars this month focused on saving for the future, managing your money, sharpening your investment skills and more.

If you have an immediate need

Services and programs are available to help you navigate a financial crisis:

Learn more and find more financial well-being resources.