New policy designed to mitigate violent and unsafe behavior and support a therapeutic care environment

March 3, 2022  //  FOUND IN: Strategy & Leadership

In the last decade, workplace violence — and violence in health care settings — has been on the rise. As shared recently in Headlines, data shows that employees in health care and social service industries are five times more likely to experience workplace violence than all other workers, creating harm and work-related stress and burnout. 

A new systemwide, multifaceted Workplace Violence Prevention Program at U-M Health includes policies and procedures to prevent and report workplace violence; training and education programs; data analysis and reporting to identify incidents and trends; a post-incident support model, including an approach for follow-up and support for victims and witnesses; and leadership oversight.

A Short Takes video distributed this week to faculty and staff in University Hospital and the Frankel Cardiovascular Center shared information about the new UMHS Policy & Procedures to Mitigate Violent and Unsafe Behavior and Support a Therapeutic Care Environment for Patients, Families, Visitors and Staff, 62-10-004.

This policy provides a framework to guide faculty and staff in supporting patients and families demonstrating distress. The goal of the policy is to identify at-risk situations and prevent escalation of conflict and dangerous behavior in order to limit disruptions to patient care, ensure a safe care environment, support the safety and recovery of patients and staff, and provide a structured and collaborative way of identifying tangible solutions to challenges in care.

All faculty, staff and learners are encouraged to watch the video and take time to review and become familiar with this important policy.