New cybersecurity software on CoreImage PCs

March 22, 2022  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Beginning March 24, the Michigan Medicine Endpoint Privilege Manager (EPM) service is being rolled out to the Michigan Medicine CoreImage Windows environment. 

What it is:

The Michigan Medicine Endpoint Privilege Manager (EPM) service will help further bolster Michigan Medicine’s security around credential theft as well as help meet U-M Standard, Guidelines, and Practices (SPGs), including DS-22.

This solution will also allow the organization to more dynamically provide elevated privileges to those who need it and provide more options for automation in the future.


There will not be any perceivable impact for users at this stage.

What’s next:

In the coming weeks, Michigan Medicine will activate policies that the service will use to handle different types of elevated privilege requests. One type of change you’ll notice is a new User Access Control (UAC) prompt for escalation requests.

Click here for more information about this service, example images and FAQs