More ways to say thank you during National Recognition Month

March 4, 2022  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees, ,

Michigan Medicine’s top leaders shared a message of gratitude earlier today in celebration of National Employee Appreciation Day. They also invited other leaders and coworkers to pay this gratitude forward to their teams and peers throughout March, which is designated as National Recognition Month.

And recognizing a colleague has gotten easier through the  Michigan Medicine recognition site. Since its inception 18 months ago, it has been used more than 36,000 times to recognize team members, leaders and collaborators from other departments.

In addition, more than 2,500 patients have reached out to say thank you to faculty, staff and learners.

More ways to recognize

Since its launch, the online recognition tool has added plenty of options to recognize one another.

In total, there are five ways to give your coworkers an award:

  • Special occasion eCards (i.e., birthdays, congratulations, Veteran’s Day, etc.)
  • Work achievement eCards (core values, BASE, etc.)
  • Making a Difference Awards
  • Milestone (anniversary acknowledgements)
  • MVP awards (given twice a year through Headlines contests)

You can choose among these awards by logging into the Michigan Medicine recognition site and clicking “Recognize” in the top right corner. Then choose your award and write your message. If you choose eCard, you can use an eCard template from a special occasion category or select one of the work-related categories under the Michigan Medicine heading.

eCards are private messages and only shared between the sender and receiver, and new eCards are added to the site regularly. For example, a new set of eCards have just been added to support the BASE (Belonging and inclusion, Access, Safety and Quality, and Experience) strategic priorities. 

Leaders, remember to encourage recognition among your teams using the site in the following ways. 

  • Personally send an award to them.
  • Remind them about the site during your team meetings or huddles during this month.
  • Post pamphlets or signs with a QR code in your unit or team area so patients and visitors have an easy way to access the site and send recognition.  If you need some sent to you, please contact

Thanks for all you do at Michigan Medicine and for recognizing the incredible contributions of your colleagues!