It’s Nutrition Month — and the ambulatory care registered dietitian nutritionist team continues to grow! 

March 7, 2022  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees

Rina Hisamatsu, M.P.H., R.D.N., recently joined the Family Medicine at Domino’s Farms team. With this expansion, all primary care clinics except one now have a registered dietitian nutritionist providing care to their medical home patients.

The RDN team is also excited that Hisamatsu is bilingual and will be a welcome resource for the Japanese Family Health Program. Patients receiving care from the Integrative Family Medicine Program at Domino’s Farms also now have access to a dedicated RDN provider. 

Nutrition is crucial to the management of chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension, gastrointestinal disease and malnutrition. Hisamatsu works one-on-one virtually with patients to set and achieve nutrition goals for overall wellness and disease prevention. As a result of nutrition related lifestyle changes, Hisamatsu has enjoyed feedback from her patients that they can now play their favorite sports again or have more endurance to play with their grandkids. 

Given the success of providing RDN care virtually, Hisamatsu can support additional clinics with logistical ease. In November, she started supporting the Michigan Interdisciplinary Clinic for Obesity and Reproduction (MICOR) clinic. The MICOR clinic is a collaboration of family medicine, reproductive endocrinology and maternal and fetal medicine providers. The focus is on helping patients achieve a healthy pregnancy through weight management and fertility care. Patients are already having impressive nutrition-related success through their work.