Can you identify a phishing email?  These top 5 Business Units can!! 

March 17, 2022  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees

Information Assurance: Michigan Medicine (IA:MM) conducts regular simulated phishing activities to help train the Michigan Medicine workforce to recognize – and report – phishing emails. After several years of enterprise-wide simulated phishing campaigns, IA:MM identified the five least susceptible business units (i.e., departments least likely to fall victim to a phishing attack), as well as business units requiring additional cybersecurity training across Michigan Medicine. 

Congratulations to the Top 5 Least Susceptible business units from July, September, and November 2021: 

·        Inpatient Nursing II 

·        Cardiovascular Center & Otolaryngology 

·        Business Services I

·        Pathology and Psychiatry

·        Business Services II & Radiation Oncology 

From 2020: 

·        Anesthesiology, Cancer center, Neurology

·        Business Services I

·        Medical School Admin & ULAM 

·        Pathology and Psychiatry 

·        CCOPS 

Remember, human intuition is one of the most powerful tools in our arsenal, and through practice and muscle memory, it can be honed as a defense against all types of cybersecurity threats.  

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