Angela Haley earns Candace Johnson Award for extraordinary service to the university

March 31, 2022  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees

Congratulations to Angela Haley, who has been named as a recipient of the Candace Johnson Award for extraordinary service, a universitywide recognition of her exceptional contributions amid the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 23 years at Michigan Medicine, Haley has been recognized as a highly innovative, effective and collaborative staff member — and now leader — in care delivery. She is currently senior administrative manager in Surgical Specialties. Her colleagues have recognized her unique ability to encourage collaboration, empower others and perform high-quality work, “both as an expression of her personal values and as an actualization of the institution’s values and guiding principles.”

In nominating her for this award, Paul Gauger, M.D., wrote: “When the Candace Johnson Award process was announced this year, there was a flurry of emails and calls with a common theme — that nobody could deserve this award more than Angela Haley. … The pandemic has been devastatingly disruptive and challenging to nearly all staff at the University of Michigan campuses. … Despite these difficulties, some among us have risen to the highest levels of commitment and support. In some ways, the organization’s survival and success depend more on these people than ever before. Angela Haley is one of these individuals. Her work does not take place at the highest levels of the organization, but her influence does extend there. She is widely respected, admired and valued. She is a quiet and kind hero who exemplifies everything — professional and personal — to which we should all aspire.”

In her nomination, others wrote:

  • “Angela encourages collaboration in everything she does, ensuring all the appropriate stakeholders are at the table and all viewpoints are considered. Her signature phrase, from our High Reliability Organization skills, is ‘we are better together.’”
  • “A good leader will help their employees when they come to them with issues. A great leader will teach them how to take care of this if it happens again in the future. … She empowers her employees to work together to achieve success.”
  • “Angela — at the risk of her own well-being — takes on what is needed to support her clinical areas as well as others. … Angela is the first to volunteer to help and there is truly nothing she will not do if it is possible to help support another.”
  • “Angela focuses on fixing problems. She derives satisfaction from seeing operational issues fixed while ensuring participants do not focus on blame, but the possibilities for a solution that is aligned with our core values and mission.”
  • “Angela Haley never shies away from a challenge. She is just as committed to helping to solve problems in other units as she is to her own. She comes to every meeting prepared, and ready for positive action. She has a deep expertise and understanding of the capabilities of the organization. And she is a staunch supporter of her team.” 

The award was established in 2004 as a memorial to Candy Johnson, a dedicated and compassionate staff member from the Office of the Provost. The Office of the Provost presents the award annually with support from Johnson’s family members and friends.

Haley will be officially recognized by Provost Susan M. Collins in a ceremony on Thursday, April 14, from 3-5 p.m., in the Towsley Lobby. Please congratulate and thank Angela Haley for her outstanding work and partnership!