Ambulatory care registered dietitian nutritionists impact patient care in many ways

March 22, 2022  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees

Laura Garrity, RDN, works in the grant-funded Ryan White Program.

The Ryan White Program is part of the HIV/AIDS Treatment Program (HATP) within the Division of Infectious Diseases.

She said she enjoys helping patients with their nutritional needs.

Garrity works with this population long-term, allowing here to build a relationship with each patient. She often identifies non-plate issues that affect nutrition self-management, such as relationships, sleep, stress, activity, food security, environment and emotional well-being.

Garrity utilizes all this information to help her patients set attainable patient-specific nutritional goals, often connecting patients to other services to help facilitate needs being met that go beyond her scope of care.

During National Nutrition Month, thank Laura and all of the organization’s RDNs for the work they do!