Take heart: Michigan Medicine cardiac patients share their stories

February 14, 2022  //  FOUND IN: News,

It’s Valentine’s Day — a day when love and hearts grab the spotlight. And nothing combines the two more than the work that is performed every day at the Frankel Cardiovascular Center.

From open-heart surgeries to heart transplants, routine cardiac care and more, faculty and staff make it a labor of love to care for patients and their families.

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, here’s a closer look at just a few of the patients who have received care from Michigan Medicine experts. Click on each person’s name to watch them tell their story in their own words.

Rachel Kuntzsch

Kuntzsch, an active mom of two sons, thought she was simply going to her doctor’s office about a bad cold. She soon found herself rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with heart failure. Kuntzch shared the remarkable story of how within weeks she went from receiving her diagnosis to getting a new heart at the Frankel Cardiovascular Center.

Chris M.

Chris had a chronic heart condition that required advanced treatment. And while he wasn’t thrilled with the care he was receiving at his home hospital, he was reluctant to transfer to Michigan Medicine. As a Black person, he wasn’t sure he would be welcomed by the organization. Once he did come to Michigan Medicine, however, he said he received nothing but exceptional care and knew he had made the right decision to come to the organization.   

Mary Parker

Parker’s husband dealt with heart failure and underwent a heart transplant 11 years later. In her story, Mary talks about how she handled different points in that journey, managing the stress and worry as a caregiver.

Pam H.

Pam can’t say enough good things about the care she received during and after open-heart surgery at Michigan Medicine. Hear why she recommended the organization’s cardiac care team two anyone who may need its services.

Dave Thompson

It’s not just the physical care that patients deal with in the midst of heart failure. There is also the anxiety that accompanies it. In his patient story, Thompson describes the journey that led to his heart transplant, the stress that came with it and how he is now thriving and living a full life thanks to the team at the Frankel Cardiovascular Center.

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