Michigan Value Collaborative Cardiac Rehab Workgroup

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Wednesday, February 16, 2022


1:00pm - 2:00pm




The Michigan Value Collaborative is hosting a special one-time presentation and discussion on cardiac rehabilitation use in Michigan. The Michigan Value Collaborative Coordinating Center invites clinicians, hospital quality personnel, and those interested in cardiac rehab to hear from two expert speakers followed by a discussion about how to equitably increase cardiac rehab utilization in Michigan.

This event is part of a larger, week-long promotion that MVC is doing as part of cardiac rehabilitation week. Cardiac rehab is a priority area for the MVC team as we work to drive improvement in hospitals and physician organizations throughout the state of Michigan. The program dramatically lowers the risk of heart attacks and death, yet many patients are unaware of its existence. Patients who complete a cardiac rehab program have a 47% lower risk of death, yet only 20-30% of eligible patients enroll. By using our 90-day episode claims data to provide time-specific hospital-level information on CR enrollment and completed visits, and partnering with the Blue Cross Blue Shield Cardiovascular Consortium (BMC2), the MVC Coordinating Center aims to equitably increase participation in cardiac rehabilitation for all eligible individuals in Michigan.

What is MVC?

Working in conjunction with the many specialty-specific Collaborative Quality Improvement (CQI) programs in BCBSM’s Value Partnership Program, MVC aims to understand variation in health care use, identify best practices, and lead interventions for improving care before, during, and after hospitalization. The program improves healthcare quality across Michigan through rigorous performance feedback, empirical identification of best practices, and collaborative learning.