Revised UH/CVC visitor policy

January 28, 2022  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Effective today, Jan. 28, updates have been made regarding the revised visitor policy and hours for UH/CVC.

Revised visitor policy:

A revised visitor policy for UH/CVC only is in effect as of today, Friday, Jan. 28:

  • UH/CVC visiting hours: 9 a.m. – 10 p.m.*
  • 1 adult visitor (total) allowed per day for UH/CVC inpatient areas
  • COVID+/PUI: 1 adult visitor (total) allowed per day with a maximum of 2 different visitors per admission

*Adult patients with developmental delays/significant cognitive impairments will be allowed to have one (1) visitor remain bedside around the clock when visitor is required for safety and is considered essential to the patient’s care.

These changes apply to UH/CVC inpatient units only. The Adult Emergency Department continues to restrict visitation to medically necessary visitors only. The C&W visitor policy also remains unchanged at this time. Please see PolicyStat for additional information.

Mask enforcement:

Community transmission of COVID-19 remains high and poses a risk to patients, visitors, faculty, staff and learners. This mask enforcement flyer is to be posted in all semi-private rooms throughout UH/CVC as soon as possible.

Hope Ambassadors from the Office of Patient Experience will deliver laminated flyers and adhesive stickers to units beginning today. Unit leaders are responsible for ensuring that flyers are posted in each semi-private room on their unit.

It is critical that we work together to enforce mask wearing. Care teams can use the talking points below to assist in conversations with patients and visitors:

  • Welcome to University Hospital/Frankel Cardiovascular Center. We are so happy to have visitors back. Your presence is so important to your loved one and to us.
  • While you and your loved one are with us, please review and follow these guidelines (point to masking flyer) to help keep us safe from the spread of infection.
  • Please let me know if you have any questions.

Michigan Medicine Security will increase rounding in the coming days to support faculty and staff who may experience resistance from patients and visitors. Please refer to this policy for escalating concerns if visitors refuse to wear masks or cause problems: