Shine a light: Recognize a colleague who is making a difference

December 7, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees

The Michigan Medicine Spirituality Resource Group (SRG) is a voluntary, member-led group that discusses the role spirituality plays in everyday work at Michigan Medicine and provides a mechanism for feedback to leadership on how to foster inclusion and collaboration in the context of spirituality.? 

In recognition of outstanding employees, SRG encourages members and others to shine a light and utilizes the Recognition Site to recognize colleagues who inspire us and make a difference through their daily dedication, hard work and caring.

Take time to shine the light on and share your gratitude for colleagues who make a difference by sending a “Making a Difference” award or an e-card at

SRG will be hosting a Community Conversation, The Power of Gratitude, on Dec. 9 from 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. The conversation will be focused on gratitude and will feature a guided conversation on how we should not only recognize each other, but the vital part that personal recognition, grace and gratitude plays in our individual daily lives. 

SRG members reflect on how resource group membership and recognition has fostered belonging at Michigan Medicine: 

“Gratitude is recognizing great possibilities within and around us. When we show gratitude to each other we increase a sense of light and hope between us.?It also can anchor us in The Divine Spark within, saving us from what seems to be an abyss of worries.?The spirituality resource group is an open, affirming space for people who value spirituality and appreciate it’s diverse expressions and common virtues and values to help us as human beings.” 

— Kamau Ayubbi, Staff Chaplain??  

“For me, the one hour a month with SRG is time well spent keeping inclusion top of mind.? We work together to discuss activities and practices that promote connection and compassion throughout Michigan Medicine.” 

— Patti Andreski, Office for Health Equity and Inclusion 

“Being a part of this group has helped me to realize that we are not alone in this Michigan Medicine community. The recognition that spirituality is a part of our everyday lives and we that we have support in our work community brings so much love, joy and support.”  

— Kimberly Ward, Anesthesiology 

SRG meets monthly on the fourth Wednesday of each month from 10- 11 a.m. The group encourages those interested in joining to email for a full schedule of upcoming meetings. 

The Office for Health Equity & Inclusion (OHEI) sponsors Michigan Medicine’s resource groups. Resource groups facilitate the sharing of information with Michigan Medicine senior leaders to foster inclusion and collaboration for our diverse faculty, staff and learners. To learn more, visit the OHEI website.