Making a Difference: Teamwork

December 21, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees, ,

Employees across Michigan Medicine continue to make a difference and inspire colleagues through their hard work and dedication. Each month, Headlines features a set of randomly selected submissions from the Making a Difference awards program that highlight our employees’ dedication to an organizational core value. 

This month, the core value of focus is teamwork: We will work together with a shared purpose rooted in equity and fairness where diversity is celebrated, respected and valued.

It is important to recognize the contributions employees make to the organization as it helps the team to become more motivated, drives better teamwork and gives each individual a sense that they are an integral part of achieving organizational goals.

You matter, your work matters, and you are appreciated. 

Here are this month’s teamwork submissions:

David Serlin, M.D., family medicine

Thank you, Dr. Serlin, for always going above and beyond what is required. You always lend a hand when we are in a jam to assist in patient care. When your colleagues came out of clinic, you volunteered to come in to care for patients that otherwise would have been rescheduled. Thank you so much. We appreciate you!

Alison Li, social worker, Emergency Department

Thank you, Alison, for going out of your way to assist my patient’s family when I was having a busy afternoon! I really appreciate your dedication to teamwork as well as your compassionate approach to social work. I have no doubts that you made a difference to my patient’s family in addition to the difference you made in my day.

Amy Navrock, training specialist, HITS

Amy, thanks for reviewing the Epic Experienced eLearnings for Emergency Department nurses! I truly appreciate you taking the time to walk through them and provide thorough feedback. I am very glad to have team members like you who are so willing to help out and are so detailed in their work!

Bryan Ray, LPN, Urology Clinic

From all the nurses in the department, thank you, Bryan, for being the glue that holds this place together. You are always picking up the pieces and helping to meet patient and staff needs. Your planning and persistence can often go unnoticed, but they are greatly appreciated. Your knowledge, ability and work ethic are great examples for the rest of the staff. Thank you for your help, your character and your dedication.

Delmeer Oliver, lead HR employment specialist, Human Resources

Delmeer is always there to answer our questions and talk us through difficult situations. She makes us feel like we are a priority and with all the hard work she does for us, it’s sometimes hard to remember that she has other groups she is supporting, as well. She does a wonderful job!

Domenick Silvio, operations, MICHR

Domenick, you are amazing for the many different ways in which you take time to support technical challenges facing our team. You are always gracious in sharing your knowledge and offering solutions. We are so lucky to have your expertise and collaborative approach. Kudos and thanks to you for simplifying my experiences providing clinical research support!

Tania Cunningham, research process manager, Department of Radiology

Tania, you did an incredible amount of heavy lifting for the recent research symposium. It was a huge success, and we have you to thank for a lot of it.

Sybil Martin, registered nurse, Ambulatory Care Services

Sybil, you made a difference in my day. I was so busy and felt like I could not catch up until you jumped in to help. I was able to get a quick break to take a few minutes to regroup. You really made a difference. I appreciate your support!

Sydney Halsey, administrative specialist, Clinical Risk

Though you are on another departmental team, you thoughtfully volunteered to prepare letters to patients who left behind medication. In addition, you have taken lost property cases during times of heavy volume. Your proactive attitude goes way behind team spirit — you notice others need assistance and you do not hesitate to lend a hand. Sydney, your initiative is beyond what is expected, and you do it all with a cheerful attitude! Thank you!

Making a Difference awards can be submitted through the Michigan Medicine recognition site. Click here to send your colleague or a group of colleagues an award, or send an e-card to recognize a work milestone, birthday or just to send a simple “thank you.”