Key COVID-19 prevention strategies

December 17, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

COVID-19 cases and hospitalization continue to be high, with nearly all cases currently caused by the Delta variant. Unfortunately, a case of the Omicron variant has been identified in Washtenaw County. The U-M Health COVID-19 Hospitalization infographic can be found here.

The most essential prevention strategy is to getvaccinated if you have not already, which includes getting a booster dose if you are eligible. That means everyone who completed their initial vaccine series more than 6 months ago should get a booster at this time if they have not done so already.

Other important things to keep in mind:

Avoid gatherings

Gatherings among staff on units has led to multiple cases of COVID-19 transmission between workforce members.

With the holiday season upon us, we need to stay even more vigilant regarding preventive measures. Please follow and share these guidelines for holiday celebrations throughout the season.

For the health system and in patient care areas: 

  • In-person, unmasked holiday gatherings for units/departments are not permitted.
  • Food can be provided to health care workers or brought in to share but should be either individually wrapped or served in a manner to avoid potential cross-contamination. 
  • Hand hygiene should be performed prior to serving or distributing food. 
  • Food should be consumed in designated areas while appropriately distanced from others (6 feet). 

For the medical school, in academic and research areas:

  • Smaller gatherings are preferable to larger gatherings.
  • Outdoor events are preferable to indoor events.
  • Enclosed structures (tents) should not be used; canopies are acceptable.
  • All outdoor events, activities and structures (e.g. canopies) must be coordinated through Facilities & Operations Outdoor Events.
  • Where feasible, ResponsiBLUE should be used for indoor events to indicate compliance with testing, and screening requirements, as applicable.
  • Signage must be posted to remind those that are not vaccinated to continue to distance and mask, if indoors. 
  • Keeping a log of names and contact information for attendees is helpful to aid in case investigation and contact tracing (if feasible).