Call for nominations: Kaiser Permanente Awards for Excellence in Teaching

December 23, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

The Office of Medical Student Education in the U-M Medical School is soliciting nominations by faculty and students for the Kaiser Permanente Awards.

The Kaiser Award is the most prestigious teaching award given by the medical school. Made possible by a grant from the Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, it consists of an honorarium of $5,000 and a certificate which is presented to each awardee at the Graduation Luncheon.

Two awards are given each year — one for preclinical and one for clinical teaching. Faculty and students are asked to consider nominating those outstanding teachers who have demonstrated superior teaching ability; accessibility or willingness to help students more than other teachers; enthusiasm and the ability to generate student enthusiasm; the ability to serve as an exemplary role model; and other traits nominators deem to be important. 

After nominations are solicited, those faculty members who are nominated by a number of colleagues or students, or who have particularly compelling nominations, are asked to complete secondary applications. The Medical School Awards Committee will review these applications, select finalists and make recommendations to the dean and the executive committee for final endorsement. 


Any faculty member who teaches in the pre-clinical setting of the curriculum (can include classroom (in-person and online), labs, simulation teaching in any phase of the curriculum) may be nominated for the pre-clinical award.

Any faculty member who teaches in the clinical setting of the curriculum (can include teaching in the clinical setting in any phase of the curriculum) may be nominated for the clinical award.

If the faculty member teaches throughout the four-year curriculum, they may be considered in either or both categories. Please note that former award winners are not eligible for re-nomination (see list below) for either award. 

The nomination process began on Monday, Dec. 20. Please submit your nomination electronically by using this online nomination form by Friday, Jan. 28, 2022.  

For questions about the process email Elaine Holleran or call 734-646-9565. 


Preclinical Award Clinical Award 
2021 Andrew Tai, M.D., Ph.D. Gifty Kwakye, M.D. 
2020 Laura Mariani, M.D. Daniel Cronin, M.D. 
2019 Madelyn Lew, M.D. Michael Lukela, M.D. 
2018 Scott Owens, M.D. Sarah Hartley, M.D. 
2017 Jennifer Stojan, M.D. Zachary London, M.D. 
2016 Beverly Yashar, Ph.D. Vineet Chopra, M.D., M.Sc. 
2015 Audrey Seasholtz, Ph.D. Maya Hammoud, M.D. 
2014 Seetha Monrad, M.D. Andrew Barnosky, D.O. 
2013 Rachel Lipson Glick, M.D. Jonathan Trobe, M.D. 
2012 Michael Hortsch, Ph.D. Michael J. Englesbe, M.D. 
2011 Kim Eagle, M.D. Sandro Cinti, M.D. 
2010 J. Matthew Velkey, Ph.D. Rajesh S. Mangrulkar, M.D. 
2009 Thomas H. Sisson, M.D. Robert W. Lash, M.D. 
2008 Rebecca W. Van Dyke, M.D.  Vincent M. Cimmino, M.D.  
2007 Sun-Kee Kim, Ph.D. Kenneth J. Pituch, M.D. 
2006 Roger J. Grekin, M.D.  James F. Peggs, M.D. 
2005 Thomas D. Gelehrter, M.D.  Gilbert R. Upchurch, Jr., M.D.  
2004 Ameed Raoof, M.D., Ph.D.  Sanjay Saint, M.D., M.P.H.  
2003 N. Cary Engleberg, M.D. Douglas Gelb, M.D. Ph.D. 
2002 Arno Kumagai, M.D. Michael Shea, M.D. 
2001 Louis D’Alecy, Ph.D. Paul Fine, M.D. 
2000 Thomas R. Gest, Ph.D.  Lisa M. Colletti, M.D.  
1999 Michael D. Jibson, M.D., Ph.D. Psychiatry Mel L. Barclay, M.D. 
1998 David C. Dawson, Ph.D.  John T. Santinga, M.D. 
1997 Bruce M. Carlson, M.D., Ph.D. Mark A. McQuillan, M.D. 
1996 Andrew J. Zweifler, M.D. David S. Rosen, M.D. 
1995 Andrew Flint, M.D. James C. Sisson, M.D. 
1994 Paul A. Weinhold, Ph.D. Cyril M. Grum, M.D.  
1993 Francis S. Collins, M.D. Robert H. Bartlett, M.D. 
1992 Terry J. Bergstrom, M.D. Robert A. Green, M.D.  
1991 Don Lowell Fisher, Ph.D. Gerald B. Zelenock, M.D. 
1990 Marshal Shlafer, Ph.D.  Steven R. Ramsburgh, M.D. 
1989 Kent J. Johnson, M.D. Richard D. Judge, M.D. 
1988 Walter A. Castelli, Ph.D. Patricia O’Connor, M.D. 
1987 Frances E. Bull, M.D.  Ralph Rabinovitch, M.D. 
1986 Sarah Winans Newman, Ph.D. Hsi-Yen Liu, M.D. 
1985 Fedor Medzihradsky, Ph.D. Robert C. Kelsch, M.D. 
1984 William Burkel, Ph.D. James E. Rasmussen, M.D. 
1983 Garth W. Jones, Ph.D. Donita B. Sullivan, M.D. 
1982 Roy A. Glover, Ph.D.  Carol A. Kauffman, M.D. 
1981 Arthur Vander, M.D. Ananias C. Diokno, M.D.  
1980 Irwin Goldstein, Ph.D. Sara E. Walker, M.D. 
1979 Thomas Oelrich, Ph.D. Faith Fitzgerald, M.D. 
1978 Gerald Abrams, M.D. Paul Kissner, M.D. 
Gerald Rigg, M.D. 
1977 Roland Hiss, M.D. Errol E. Erlandson, M.D.