Wellness Week 2021

November 8, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Announcements, Our Employees, Updates & Resources

Welcome to Headlines Wellness Week 2021!

In an effort to help our colleagues through such a difficult time, last year Headlines ran a series of articles on well-being during the first week of November. This year, Headlines partnered with the Wellness Office to share more resources, updated information and a special message from our Chief Wellness Officer. Stay tuned to this page for updates throughout the week!

What is the Wellness Office?

The Michigan Medicine Wellness Office is dedicated to improving workforce well-being, reducing professional burnout, and creating a caring, safe environment where all faculty, staff and learners at Michigan Medicine can thrive. Our focus is to help make workplace well-being part of your experience while providing excellent patient care, work, education, and research across Michigan Medicine.

Wellness Office Inaugural Report

Wellness Week: November 8

A Message from Kirk J. Brower, MD, Chief Wellness Officer- A Closer Look at Burnout: What can we do about it?

Burnout Toolkit
Identifying burnout within yourself
Identifying burnout in others

Wellness Week: November 9

What are you doing during your 10-minute break?

Pause for Well-being Challenge

Wellness Week: November 10

Finding the right support for your needs

Wellness Advocate Network
Wellness best practices for departments and teams

Wellness Week: November 11

Celebrating Our Veterans

Well-being Help Center

Wellness Week: November 12

Winter is coming. How to fight the gloom

Michigan Depression Center Toolkit
Well-being Check-In Guide