Plan early for mail order prescription refills during holiday season

November 15, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Those who rely on Birdi, U-M’s mail-order pharmacy service, should plan ahead for potential mail delays this holiday season.

In October, new U.S. Postal Service standards that changed first-class mail delivery expectations from three to five days went into effect. It’s now estimated that 4 in 10 pieces of first-class mail could take longer to reach their destinations.

With online ordering of goods also surging to an all-time high this year, it’s best to plan ahead to ensure you have the medications you need.

Through the end of the year, Birdi recommends that you:

  • Review your medication profile at to check refill dates. Request refills as soon as they’re available. Typically, this is after you use three-quarters of your medication, or after 68 days of a 90-day supply.
  • Ensure refills are available so there’s no wait for a new physician order.

Birdi has taken extra measures to help mitigate potential delays, including contracting with additional delivery partners. You’ll also notice Birdi representatives scheduling ahead during your interactions. If you contact Birdi to inquire about a refill, you’ll likely be asked about medications due to be refilled in two weeks’ time.

Go to or call 855-247-3479 for more information.

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