Outlook account upgrades continue through mid-December

November 29, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Health Information Technology & Services (HITS) is reminding everyone that Michigan Medicine Outlook account upgrades — which began in early November — will resume today, Nov. 29, and continue in “waves” until mid-December.  

So far, HITS has: 

  • Upgraded more than 22,000 individual accounts. 
  • Migrated 560 million mail items (nearly 98 terabytes of data). 
  • Enrolled more than 7,000 mobile devices in Microsoft Intune. 

Not yet upgraded? 

  • Visit and bookmark michmed.org/mdm so you can find this important information when you need it later. 
  • Watch for messages from “ReadyForM365” telling you when your upgrade is scheduled, and providing instructions and support. 

Recently upgraded? 

  • Sign in on your Michigan Medicine (CoreImage) computer with @med.umich.edu + Michigan Medicine (Level-2) password to resume using Outlook. 
  • You can also access email and calendar from any browser, on any device, by visiting www.office.com, and using your “@med” email address + Michigan Medicine (Level-2) password. 
  • If you use a personally-owned phone or tablet to access Outlook or other Michigan Medicine (Level-2) resources including WiFi, you’ll need to upgrade your mobile device management (MDM) software from Intelligent Hub to Microsoft Intune. (You’ll receive a text message from “ReadyForM365” with instructions when it’s time to switch.
  • If you have questions or need help, visit michmed.org/mdm 

Why is this happening? 

HITS is upgrading approximately 48,000 Michigan Medicine Outlook accounts from on-site servers to the cloud. This represents the next major step in making the full Microsoft 365 (M365) experience available to everyone across Michigan Medicine, and is necessary to support better integration with other Microsoft tools (including SharePoint Online, Office 365+OneDrive, and Forms), and to enable full functionality when Microsoft Teams and Planner are introduced (coming soon!). 

What are the benefits? 

As Outlook account upgrades are completed, and as more people begin using Microsoft cloud-based tools, including Teams, members of the Michigan Medicine community will enjoy the full benefits of the M365 digital workspace — including the ability to create, manage and collaborate in documents live, in real-time, from virtually anywhere on nearly any device; and the ability to connect with colleagues (via email, messaging or video) more quickly and easily. 

Need help? 

Visit our Outlook upgrade and mobile device migration Troubleshooting Guide

Learn even more about this project via the Wrap employee podcast below!