Get ready for a new Outlook! Coming now through mid-December

Between now and mid-December, Health Information Technology & Services (HITS) will upgrade approximately 48,000 Michigan Medicine Outlook accounts from onsite servers to the cloud.

This upgrade marks the next major step in making the full Microsoft 365 (M365) experience available to everyone across Michigan Medicine, and is necessary to support better integration with other Microsoft tools (including SharePoint OnlineOffice 365 + OneDrive, and Forms), and to enable full functionality when Microsoft Teams and Planner are introduced (coming soon!).

Stay tuned for messages from “ReadyForM365” and visit (and bookmark!)

  • Individual Outlook account upgrades will happen in “waves.” You’ll receive a notification with your migration date and again before the upgrade begins. (Look for messages from “ReadyForM365.”)
  • You can check to see when your upgrade is scheduled by clicking here
  • See complete details and instructions at:
    • You’ll need to sign back in on CoreImage devices with your “@med” email address and Michigan Medicine (Level-2) password to resume using Outlook and other Microsoft products.
    • You’ll also be able access your email and calendar anytime, using any web browser on any device by visiting and signing in with your “@med” email address and Michigan Medicine (Level-2) password. (Look for the Outlook icon at left.)
    • If you use a mobile device to access Outlook or other Michigan Medicine (Level-2) resources including WiFi, you’ll need to upgrade your mobile device management (MDM) software from Intelligent Hub to Microsoft Intune. (You’ll receive a text message from “ReadyForM365” with instructions when it’s time to switch.)

Benefits of this upgrade 

As Outlook account upgrades are completed, and as more people begin using Microsoft cloud-based tools, including Teams, members of the Michigan Medicine community will enjoy the full benefits of the M365 digital workspace — including the ability to create, manage and collaborate in documents live, in real-time, from virtually anywhere on nearly any device; and the ability to connect with colleagues (via email, messaging or video) more quickly and easily. 

Learn more

  • Visit (and bookmark!, where you can find complete instructions and support for your Outlook upgrade and/or MDM migration.
  • Visit for information about the overall M365 effort, including the latest project news and updates. 

Need help?

Outlook upgrade and mobile device migration Troubleshooting Guide.