Finding the right support for your needs

November 10, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources, ,

It’s day three of Wellness Week at Headlines! Our goal is to connect colleagues with resources and updated information centered around well-being. 

As we continue into month 20 of the pandemic, well-being is still a top priority in our personal and professional lives. Based on employee feedback from various surveys, the organization is actively working on plans to improve the overall well-being of our workforce. 

The Wellness Office was established in 2019 with a focus to make workplace well-being part of the overall employee experience. With intentional and innovative resources and strategic focus, well-being initiatives help our colleagues continue to provide excellent patient care, education, research, and work.

The Wellness Office balances the intersecting tiers of organizational, work and individual factors that contribute to overall well-being. Programs within the individual level encourage colleagues to seek support in a variety of ways. These programs include MHealthy, COMPASS and the Office of Counseling and Workplace Resilience

The Wellness Advocate Network, meanwhile, promotes workplace well-being at both the organizational and work levels.

What is the Wellness Advocate Network? 

The Wellness Office established the Wellness Advocate Network at Michigan Medicine. This network is a collaborative group of faculty, staff, and learners guiding well-being improvements in their departments. Advocates are designated by their leaders to be liaisons to the Wellness Office, sharing best practices and informing how well-being is being impacted across Michigan Medicine. 

“The Wellness Advocate Network provided a lifeline to us during one of the most difficult times in our personal and professional careers during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Kim Garver, M.D., the wellness advocate for the Department of Radiology. “Having a weekly meeting with the other advocates gave us a safe place to help and support each other personally along with sharing best practices to help us better care for the people in our departments.”  

How does this group help the organization?

The Wellness Advocate Network helps by discussing how decisions are impacting faculty, staff and learner well-being (because it has representation from all these areas across almost all departments); offers input and insights into what is happening in real-time; allows the Wellness Office to provide feedback to Michigan Medicine leadership; develops best practices from well-being leaders; and leads by example in sharing of personal stories of burnout and well-being to help remove stigma associated with discussing these issues.

“The Wellness Advocate Network allows me to connect with other wellness proponents from throughout the institution to identify concerns, ideas, and initiatives that I can share with departmental leadership to raise awareness and strengthen wellness amongst my colleagues,” said Jayson Greenberg, M.D., wellness advocate and clinical assistant professor in otolaryngology.

As uncontrollable changes continue to disrupt personal and professional lives, being able to support your colleagues and voice their concerns in ways that enhance personal and professional well-being while building trusting and caring relationships is a true demonstration of the Wellness Office goals. 

To learn more, please contact, or contact one of the wellness advocates directly by visiting the membership page.