Congratulations 2021 Service Award Honorees

November 16, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Accolades and Milestones

Congratulations to Michigan Medicine’s 2021 Service Award Honorees. These staff members were recognized as part of this year’s annual program.

Send a congratulations eCard through the Michigan Medicine recognition site to your colleagues to show appreciation for the many years of dedicated service they have provided the organization.

50 Year Honorees          

Ann Okkerse, UMH CW 11W

45 Year Honorees

Kirby Billups, Lab Animal Medicine Unit

Thomas Daly, Contracting Officer

Kevin Doran, HITS

Mary Earle, KEC OR/ PACU

Douglas Gallup, Facilities

Mark Gordon, UMH CW Respiratory Therapy

Cynthia Vance, Michigan Neuroscience Institute

Karen Williams, UMH CW 8ECP

40 Year Honorees          

Robert Ackermann, Radiology

Mary Anne Bar, Revenue Cycle

Elizabeth Schmidt Baron, UMH CW 12E

Margaret Sue Brandimore, Anesthesiology

Maria Ceo, UMH Operations and Ancillary Services

Catherine Christen, UH Pharmacy Services

William Costello, HITS

Anthony Denton, UMH Administration

James Donner, Lab Animal Medicine Unit

Kevin Donovan, Space Planning and Analysis

Cynthia J Dreffs, Pediatrics-Genetics

Abebech Feyssa, Pharmacy Administration

Barbara Fredal, UMH CW 8ECP

Robert Hall, HITS

P Lynn Holevinski, Data Office Clinical & Translation Research

Joseph Hubbard, Material Management – Warehouse Ops

Martha Jennings, UH/CVC Med Short Stay

Kathleen Marie Lewan, ACS Nursing Care

Teresa Tyler Logerquist, CW Adult BMT & Leuke. Clin

J Michael Meade, Transfusion/Apheresis

Sharon Ann Mudd, Psych Depression

Margaret Netti, East Ann Arbor Surgical Administration

Mary Lynn Parker, Anesthesiology Acute Pain Nursing

Patricia L Paulin, Adult Liver Pre-Transplant

Annunciata I Porterfield, Psychiatry Admin-Central

Jane T Singer, Surgery Department

Denise Helen Spicer, CW 12E

Jean M Swiney, Respiratory/Cardiovascular Services

Belainesh Tedla, CW 12W

Katherine Whitney, Opthalmology and Visual Science

Susan Carol Zeglevski, Medical Procedure Unit – Tech

30 Year Honorees          

Alganesh Abraham, Molecular Diagnostics

Vahan Agbabian, MedSport Dominos

Deborah J Anderson, PFANS Special Projects

Jember Bekele, UH CVC Nursing Surgical Administration

William F Bell, UH Radiology

Monika R Benedict-Blue, MICHR – Operations

Jean Marie Bolda, CW Ped Cardiology

Esther I Brandon, Anesthesiology Department

Patsy Bruenger, Int Med-Cardiology

Debra A Burrum, Surgery Department

Cathy Butler, Neurosurgery

Lisa K Byrd, Metabolism, Endo & Diabetes

Carmen S Calkin, N’Psych (Clinical Pgm)

Julie Ann Carleton, Strategic Plan & Business Development

Latonya S Caston, Logistics Patient Equipment

Carol C Caswell, Revenue Cycle

Robin Kay Caulkins, Pediatrics-Nephrology

Deacon Wayne Charlton, Spiritual Care

Yifang Chen, UH Radiology

Anitha J Chennat, BRCF Administration

Kevin W Coffman, HITS

Mark A Cook, Lab Animal Medicine Unit

Gerianna Marie Cooley-Howard,              WAA-PP Multi. Specialty

Trieste  B Creps, Nursing Clinical Support CSR

Molly Ann David, Chelsea Health Center

Neil R Davidson, UH CVC Clerical Services

Trina K DeMott, PMR IP OTPT Rehab

Gary A Dootz, Kresge Hearing Research Institute

Scott A Doute, UH CVC Clerical Services

Stacey S Edman, Family Medicine

Anne M Eggers, UH Anesthesia CRNA

Julie A Evers, Faculty Affairs

Jacqueline J Fortino, PACU – CVC

Mary Joe W Gilpin, CPU Central/Recovery

Krista L Golden, Peds-Neonatal/Perinatal

Sherry L Goldfarb, Emergency Medicine Adult

Sandra  H Hackett, Patient and Family Support Services

Eileen J Ham, Revenue Cycle

Mary M Hamm, Revenue Cycle

Amy B Harms, Anesthesiology Department

Joseph E Hazelton, Clinical Engineering Services

Donna R Henderson, TC – Transplant Clinic

Donn F Hilker, Pm&R Rehab

Paula A Hiller, HITS

K Coval Hoelscher, UH CVC Therapeutic Services

Terese A Howell, Transplant Surgery (STX)

Marcia Jackson, CW Operating Room

Alisa F Jones, UH CVC 6C

Julie Lynn Juno-LaPan, CW Peds Nursing Admin

John Kaus Jr, UH Radiology

Nancy L King, CW 12E

Jennifer A Kuzminski, KEC Billing

Suzie C LaChance, MedSport Dominos

Marisol Lafontaine, Microbiol Pathology

Alicia M Loria, CW Fetal Diagnostic Center

Pat Lyons, Ambulatory Care Administration

Jenny J Mace, Anesthesiology Department

Laura Hampton Mannausa, HomeMed Pharmacy Infusion

Roger S Manor, HITS

Martha C Mauldin, Canton Health Center

Andi McDonnell, Ambulatory Care Administration

Michael J McGowan, Radiology-Central Service

Whitnie E McNeil, CW 10W

Ann Marie Mehringer, TC Administration

Melissa DeeAnn Miechiels, Brighton Health Center

Jennifer K Moyne, Nursing Clinical Support SWAT

Laurie J Murphy, Operating Rooms – Univ Hospital

Linda V Nyquist, Institute of Gerontology

Paula E Paschal, HITS

Rocco J Polito, CW Perfusion Services

Marisa A Rhodes, CW Pediatric Ortho Clinic

Nguyet T Richards, CW 11W

Donna L Robards, Chelsea Health Center

Cherie L Saunders, Faculty Affairs

Michael W Schimizze, Revenue Cycle

Charles L Schneider, UH Radiology

John P Sdao, HITS

Christine M Shaneyfelt, Clinical Lab Admin

Lori J Shope, CVM Disease Management

Tricia Sirois, HomeMed Pharmacy Infusion

Anita M Slawski, Northville Radiology

Kathy S Sodt, HITS

Susan E Soja, Patient Experience

Dianna L Spears, Call Ctr-Primary-Geriatrics

Leisa Stempek, Cytogenetics Lab

Laura Lyn Sterling, UH CVC CSR Adult

Amy E Stheiner, KEC Glaucoma/Retina

Steven J Stinnett, Michigan Neuroscience Institute

Michelle A Tehranisa, KEC Comprehensive

Dana C Telep, Livonia Surgery Center

Sylvia Thompson, MM Revenue Cycle

Heidi A Tietjen, Operations Support

Teresa D Vogel, Psych Substance Abuse

Quinta Vreede, Office of Executive VP for Medical Affairs

Lisa Cady Waggoner, MM UH Operating Rooms

Monica R Waidley, UH CVC 5

Tami J Walker, ACU

Laurie Ann Wielfaert, Nursing Clinical Support

Leslie D Wontorcik, Orthotics&Prosthetics Center

Noel Lisa Wys, Cell & Developmental Biology

Salundia R Yarbough, Call Center-Cancer

Lisa S Zeisler, UH CVC Nursing Administration

Sylvia Barbara  Zelenka-Wang, Center for Translational Path.