Week in Review: How to be LGBTQIA+ inclusive in less than 30 seconds, parenting stories — and more!

October 15, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

This week, Headlines focused on ways you can improve the lives of your colleagues, your patients and yourself.

That’s because the newsletter outlined simple steps you can take become more inclusive toward members of the LGBTQIA+ community; shared a video describing how you can support the Care at Home initiative, which will improve access at Michigan Medicine; and asked you to submit stories aimed at helping parents who are struggling with work/life balance.

For all that and more, here’s the Week in Review:

How to be LGBTQIA+ inclusive in less than 30 seconds

Creating a culture of belonging and inclusion requires interventions at multiple organizational levels — from the creation of systemwide policies to increasing access to dedicated resources. It also takes work at the personal level, and Headlines recently shared ways you create gender neutral spaces and recognize LGBTQIA+ allyship. Click here to learn more!

Care at Home named FY22 Initiative of the Year

In September, U-M Health President David Miller, M.D. introduced “Building our BASE,” a framework for the strategic priorities of Belonging, Access, Safety and quality, and Experience. This week, he announced that Care at Home, a program that supports Access, will be emphasized as the organization’s Initiative of the Year. Find out how you can support this important program by checking out this story.

Parenting stories at Michigan Medicine

Let’s face it, work/life integration in a health-care career is a challenge. Parenting — and the journey or struggles of becoming a parent — only complicates matters. To support those going through such challenges, the Wellness Office is collecting narratives about the intersection of parenting and careers to help create a community of awareness, insight and compassion. Click for details of the new initiative.

A delightful dozen: PAs celebrate 12 years of reaching out to the community

Physician assistants play a critical role in the clinic — meeting with patients and carrying out procedures across the organization. But the team also makes an impact in the community. For the past 12 years, PAs have volunteered their time, money and resources to help outside organizations. In honor of PA Week, which ended on Tuesday, take a look at some of their most recent efforts.

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