Week in Review: Building our BASE; patient finds his Michigan Answer — and more!

October 1, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

This week, Headlines covered all the bases, including the launch of a framework for U-M Health Priorities called “Build our BASE.”

On top of that, there was a heartwarming patient story, as Kade Fitzgerald described how Michigan Medicine “saved his life,” the neonatal transport team celebrated its 50th anniversary; and faculty and staff learned why it’s so important that they upload their policies, procedures and guidelines to PolicyStat as soon as possible.

In case you missed anything, here’s the latest!

U-M Health President David Miller, M.D., on ‘Building our BASE’ for the future

After witnessing “the unyielding resiliency and resolve of our Michigan Medicine teams,” U-M Health President David Miller, M.D, has high expectations for what can be achieved in fiscal year 2022. Toward that end, he has created a strategic framework for a set of priorities called Build our BASE. The pillars of BASE? Belonging, access, safety and quality, and experience. Click here for more!

Kade’s Michigan Answer: Becoming who he really was

Kade Fitzgerald lived the first 32 years of his life scared and alone. Assigned female at birth, he knew that he was meant to be a man — though society and medical professionals were rarely accepting of him.  Fortunately, he found a welcoming community at Michigan Medicine, where a team of professionals has helped him transition and finally “feel human.” Check out Kade’s remarkable story.

Neonatal transport team celebrates 50th anniversary

When Mott was first built, neonatal care was in its earliest stages. Soon thereafter, D. Roloff, M.D., along with others, recognized a need to get pregnant moms to U-M who were in need of elevated support or, if that wasn’t possible, to get their babies to U-M. So they developed a neonatal transport team, which operated out of the back of Roloff’s station wagon. Since then, the team has grown to more than 50 experts. Learn more about this group that helps babies and mothers across the region

Upload your policies, procedures and other important documents now. Not three months from now.

The deadline to upload policies, procedures and guidelines to PolicyStat is Dec. 31. But it’s essential that teams begin planning and carrying out this important work now. That’s because the faster the outstanding policies are moved to PolicyStat, the closer the organization will be to reducing harm and avoiding mistakes due to incorrect policies and time spent locating them. Click through to find out more!

While there’s no new episode of The Wrap employee podcast this week, stay tuned for a special Quality Month kickoff show on Monday! In the meantime, take a listen to any shows you may have missed by clicking here.