Care at Home named FY22 Initiative of the Year

October 13, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Strategy & Leadership, ,

Last month, the U-M Health leadership team announced the enterprise-wide FY22 Strategic Priorities, which includes “Building our BASE” and strategic growth.

These priorities are accompanied by specific initiatives that support Belonging, Access, Safety and Quality, and Experience, and Strategic Growth. Now the team, under the leadership of U-M Health President David Miller, M.D, has determined that the FY22 Initiative of the Year will be Care at Home, the initiative which supports Access.

Care at Home uses programs and pathways to offer early discharge of eligible patients, allowing them to finish their hospital-level care at home with appropriate monitoring, equipment and house visits. 

“This program will bring positive impacts to both improving our patient experience and our bed capacity,” Miller said. “In our spirit of continuous improvement, we will advance all of the enterprise-wide initiatives. However, by spotlighting one program, we have a clearly defined, shared goal that everyone can collectively support.”

The FY22 goal for Care at Home is an average daily census (ADC) of 10 patients by June 2022. Miller encourages everyone to support this goal, no matter where they work within the organization.

“The Care at Home program challenges us to think creatively and reach beyond historical practices,” he said. “This program, which could position Michigan Medicine as a leader in this trending, patient-centered health care option, requires us to think about new ways to deliver patient care, in ways we have not previously considered.”

For more information, view the video at the top of the page or review the additional resources on the Path Forward Website.