Unlimited engagement: Employees can always find some fun in the Headlines spotlight

September 2, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees,
Collage of images from previous stories where readers helped curate lists.
A look at just a few of the reader-generated stories over the past year.

Headlines prides itself on being a trusted source for news and updates at Michigan Medicine. But that doesn’t mean the newsletter can’t provide a bit of fun, too! And over the past year, faculty and staff have stepped up to help Headlines offer some levity during one of the most challenging times in all of our careers.

It started last summer, with the first-ever Employee Virtual Art Fair, featuring dozens of artistic colleagues showing off their work in various categories. The fair was such a hit that it was held again this year — and promises to be an annual feature moving forward. To all the creative artists, start working on your craft for next summer!

Heading into the 2020 holiday season, faculty and staff also jumped in to share their favorite family recipes. The Michigan Medicine Holiday Recipe Book was composed of more than two dozen favorites, ranging from sauerkraut meatballs and rutabaga casserole to mini fruit cheesecakes.

As 2021 rolled around, many coworkers were looking for safe things to do around the house as the pandemic lingered on. That’s where Headlines stepped in — helping employees compile a list of favorite books and favorite movies and there was even a set of playlists curated by your colleagues.

Indeed, employee engagement can be represented in many different ways. While the online recognition platform is highly encouraged, small interactions between colleagues across the organization can truly make an impact.

That was seen in action as Headlines received major kudos for publishing the recommendations of movies, books and recipes from colleagues. Along with the recommendations themselves, there were stories of inspiration that helped many people get out of the pandemic blues or start a new hobby.  

Your next chance to engage

With the day-to-day busyness and constant tug of work-home life balance, Headlines will continue to offer moments of pause and fun ideas for you and/or your family. This month, we’re asking readers to send in their favorite fall activity!

Whether it’s going to a cider mill, getting lost in a corn maze, sipping hot chocolate on your porch on a brisk October morning or exploring the changing colors Up North, let Headlines know by emailing headlines@med.umich.edu.  

Send in your suggestions by Wednesday, Sept. 15 and they will be compiled into a comprehensive list, giving readers plenty of ideas about what to do over the next few months!

Thanks for making Headlines a fun and trusted source of Michigan Medicine information!