Radiation dosimeters due for exchange

September 27, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Monthly and quarterly radiation dosimeters (“badges”) are due for exchange on or before Friday, Oct. 1.

Please work with your departmental dosimetry contact and plan ahead to avoid late exchange. The wear period is indicated on the front of your dosimeter.

On behalf of Michigan Medicine Safety Management Services and the U-M Radiation Safety Service, thank you for exchanging your dosimetry on time.

Congratulations to the following wear groups for prioritizing employee safety and dosimetry compliance with an on-time dosimetry exchange/return rate of 90% or better for May, June, July and the second quarter of 2021:

May (monthly)2Q (quarterly)
Anesthesiology – Pain FellowsAnesthesiology – CVC Faculty
Cardiology – Cardiac Cath FacultyAnesthesiology – Residents
Cardiology – Cardiac Cath FellowsAnesthesiology – CAS Staff
Cardiology – Cardiac Cath TechsAnesthesiology – Peds Fellows
Cardiology – EP FacultyAnesthesiology – Peds CRNA
Cardiology – Mid LevelPeds Cardiac Cath – Other
Cardiac Surgery – House OfficersClinical Engineering
Cardiac Surgery – PAsChild & Family Life
Peds Cardiac Cath – Faculty/FellowsOB/GYN
Radiology – NucMed RadiopharmacyNursing – NICU 4D
Radiology – NucMed PET TechsNursing – EAA OR
Radiology – NeuroradiologyNursing – MIBG
Radiology – QA StudentsNursing – SWAT
Vascular SurgeryMPU – BCSC
 Epilepsy Program – Adult
June (monthly)Radiology – NucMed NMTs
Anesthesiology – Pain Faculty/StaffRadiology – NucMed Research
Anesthesiology – Pain FellowsNHC-CMC
Cardiac Surgery – House OfficersNHC-MPU
Peds Cardiac Cath – Faculty/FellowsOtolaryngology
Radiology – NucMed RadiopharmacyRadiology – Cardiothoracic
Radiology – NucMed PET TechsRadiology – CT Techs
Radiology – IR TechsRadiology – Canton
Radiology – QA StudentsRadiology – Breast Imaging Techs
Vascular SurgeryRadiology – OP Gen Imaging
 Radiology – EAA CT Techs
July (monthly)Radiology – Inpatient
Anesthesiology – Pain Faculty/StaffRadiology – EAA
Anesthesiology – Pain FellowsRadiology – Brighton
Pediatric Cardiac Cath – Faculty/FellowsRadiology – S. Main
Radiology – NucMed RadiopharmacyRadiology – Neuroradiology
Radiology – NucMed PET TechsRadiology – Livonia
Radiology – QA StudentsRadiology – Abdomen
Vascular SurgeryRadiology – PA/PTA
Radiology – Medical Physics
 Radiology – Peds Faculty
 Radiology – Peds Techs
Radiology – Northville
Radiology – Northville MSK
 Radiation Oncology – BCSC
 SLP – Adult OTO
 SLP – Peds
 PM&R Spine Program
 Urology – BCSC
 Urology – Peds

If you wish to review your dosimetry results, see your departmental Dosimetry Contact or Dosimetry Supervisor. To confidentially access your dosimetry results using the serial number on the back of your dosimeter, follow these instructions.

If you have questions about radiation dosimetry (including how to wear it), visit the link below or contact the U-M Radiation Safety Service at 734-764-4294.

As a reminder, Federal and state regulations require radiation exposure monitoring for certain employees, including anyone who participates in procedures involving radiation-producing machines. Michigan Medicine’s dosimetry program meets and exceeds these guidelines to ensure the safety of Michigan Medicine personnel.