FY22 Valuation now available: Set your SMART goals

September 23, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees,

Michigan Medicine leaders and staff can now begin filling out their FY22 Performance Valuations, as the new form is now available.

The Performance Valuation process was established in FY19 to support a positive approach toward performance improvement and to better outline how current and future accomplishments can help achieve overall professional goals and satisfaction.

It encourages year-round collaboration between leaders and their direct reports, with a focus on positive development and the value that our employees bring to our organization.

Please note, evaluations currently used by faculty and bargained-for employees will not be affected by this valuation.

Changes to FY22 Valuation forms

Leaders and staff will notice a few enhancements to this year’s form compared to the last.

“During and immediately after every Valuation cycle, Organizational Learning seeks feedback from leaders and staff about what went well, areas of improvement and suggestions for the next year,” said Brian Cole, associate director of operations for Organizational Learning. “We hear a lot of feedback about resources that are helpful, how people felt about the rating system and what they hope to see in the future versions. All of this directly impacts how we shape the future of this program.”

Coupled with overall organizational required updates, this year’s Valuation includes these enhancements:

  • A letter system (E = Exceeded Expectations, M = Met Expectations, A = Approaching Expectations, N = Not Met Expectations) will be used to measure core values and job specific work goal; this replaces the numeric rating system used in FY21.
  • New employees hired on January 1, 2022 or later will not complete the FY22 Valuation, and instead will be required to complete the six-month probationary form

How to begin your Valuation

The first step in beginning your FY22 Valuation is to review last year’s evaluation. Schedule a first quarter check-in — either as time during a regular scheduled meeting  or create a separate meeting — to have impactful conversations with your supervisor about your performance and what opportunities will carry over into this new year, and start working on job-specific SMART goals.

These regular check-ins are recommended to help facilitate meaningful conversation between leaders and staff focused on the Valuation process. By connecting throughout the year, both the leader and employee will feel less burdened, adjustments can be made and a more robust representation of the employee’s work can be achieved.

To learn more about SMART goal development, consider attending the 45-minute microlearning session on Wednesday, Oct. 13.

Resources to help start your Valuation

The Performance Management web page has a quarter-by-quarter breakdown of how to navigate the year-long Valuation process.

Resources are available to support facilitating check-ins, development opportunities for leaders and staff, and more.

Information sessions to support leaders and staff in learning more about the FY22 performance valuation will be announced soon. Questions can be sent to FY22Valuation@umich.edu.