Anti-Racism Oversight Committee seeking new members

September 2, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees

The Anti-Racism Oversight Committee (AROC) is excited to announce that it is recruiting colleagues who have a commitment to the advancement of anti-racism at Michigan Medicine. 

This past year, AROC has benefitted greatly from the diversity of perspectives, skills and voices within its subcommittees. Several committee members have stepped down and AROC is looking forward to replacing them with individuals that are dedicated to moving the work forward. 

AROC is looking to add 18-20 new members, and welcomes participation by faculty, staff, learners and house officers.  

Application requirements 

Interested individuals should complete the following steps in the application process:

  • Submit a statement of support from their supervisor or manager. 1-2 sentences will be sufficient. 
  • Each committee member will attend approximately three hours of AROC meetings per month. Times may vary depending on which subcommittee members join. Committee members may also be asked to devote more time to work on subcommittee related projects between meetings.
  • Submit a statement of interest detailing why this work is important to the applicant. The statement can include prior experience or how the applicant’s background would contribute to the work of AROC. This should not exceed 300 words.
  • Provide the top two subcommittees they would like to work with, understanding that they may not be able to work with their top choice. Subcommittees include:  
  • Speak up/Show Solidarity 
  • Opportunities for Conversation
  • Community Work
  • Diversify the Workforce
  • Advocacy/Professional Development 

Appointed committee members are expected to serve for a term of two years.

If interested, PLEASE APPLY HERE by Tuesday, Sept. 7.   

For additional questions, please email Justen Lewis at  

For more information about the Anti-Racism Oversight Committee, and the work of each subcommittee please visitPATH FORWARD