Week in Review: Student Move-In 2021, vaccine gives patient another shot at life — and more!

August 20, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Happy Friday! Fall is coming — and there’s no bigger sign of that in Ann Arbor than thousands of students coming back to campus.

That’s why Headlines gave readers a preview of traffic and parking changes that will accompany Student Move-In 2021. The newsletter also highlighted faculty and staff who were recognized for exceptional teamwork in recent weeks; a patient recounted why she is so grateful that she got the COVID-19 vaccine; and two U-M nurses outlined a new certification program they created to help others treat patients with a Ventricular Assist Device.

Here’s the latest!

Students scheduled to move back to campus next week

Student Move-In 2021 is scheduled from Wednesday, Aug. 25 until Sunday, Aug. 29. With it will come parking and traffic changes around Ann Arbor. Click through to see how you can plan ahead and get where you need to go next week!

Making a Difference: Teamwork

In recent months, the Making a Difference program has highlighted submissions that pertain to certain organizational core values. This week, that value was teamwork. Find out who was lauded by their colleagues for being excellent team players!

Getting a shot at life

When Alonna Mushenski contracted COVID-19 this past March, she immediately worried how it would affect her mother, Karey. That’s because Karey had recently had a lung transplant at Michigan Medicine. But Karey never contracted COVID-19 — despite being in close contact with her daughter — which she attributed to receiving a vaccine. Check out her remarkable story!

Path to innovation: Crafting the gold standard in Ventricular Assist Device certification

Treating a patient with a Ventricular Assist Device — or VAD — is not easy. Not only do you need to know how the device works, but you need to know the specific needs and have unique skills to properly assist someone who uses it. At Michigan Medicine, two nurses are helping lead the way when it comes to training VAD nurses and other clinicians. Learn about a new, innovative program that will help improve VAD care across the globe!

The Wrap employee podcast was off this week, but stay tuned next week for a special episode on improving accessibility at Michigan Medicine!

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