Locate, edit and upload your policies, procedures and guidelines. Deadline: Dec. 31.

August 20, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources,

As Michigan Medicine continues along its journey to high reliability, faculty and staff at all levels will be the keys to its success.

Since 2019, the organization has been working on implementing a systemwide policy management software tool, called PolicyStat, to centralize all policies, procedures, guidelines (PP&Gs) and critical documents in one location.

The transition to PolicyStat aligns with our culture of safety and our ongoing high reliability work. 

It also helps address some of the key issues that have been identified by staff members over the years, including:

  • More than 40% of safety events have a root cause in policy, procedures or protocols.
  • There was often an inability to access PP&Gs that they needed for their daily work.
  • A lack of knowledge/awareness regarding which PP&Gs are relevant to their work.
  • Having a protocol in hand makes the user four times more reliable in applying that protocol.

Time to transfer 

Michigan Medicine is requesting that all leaders work with their teams to gather their department and service’s PP&Gs and other important documents in preparation for transferring them into PolicyStat over the next few months. The focus is on documents that:

  • Provide internal rules, guidance and/or instruction that our workforce needs to do their jobs.
  • Require periodic review and update (~1-to-3-year cadence) and may be governed by an approval process.
  • Are clinical, operational and/or administrative in content.

An internal implementation team will work with your administrators as they gather, organize and prepare your PP&Gs for upload to PolicyStat.

As a first stepread the information on this website and take the ‘readiness’ survey. Someone from the implementation team will then contact you to discuss next steps. 

It is important that departments focus resources on this endeavor as well as the ongoing administration and maintenance of your documents in PolicyStat. This is an important institutional initiative that will facilitate improved safety, accountability and staff engagement

All departments are required to have completed this task by Dec. 31, 2021

Please note: PolicyStat will be the source for clinical, operational and administrative information for our workforce at U-M Health and in Shared Services, as well as the educational and administrative sides of the U-M Medical School.

The U-M Office of Research (UMOR), including medical school research, is not required to make the move to PolicyStat. The School of Nursing is also exempt, as are any non-UMH, non-Shared Service areas or entities.

Not sure if this affects your area? Please contact us — we’ll be happy to provide clarification specific to your area.

If you have questions or need additional help, you can also email the PolicyStat implementation team at: MichiganMedicinePolicyStat@med.umich.edu.