Intern Spotlight: Bekah Zielesch, Department of Radiology

August 4, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees
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Internships serve as a good opportunity to ask questions and gain priceless experience outside of the college classroom. By asking questions, it is easier to learn and grow.

Bekah Zielesch, administrative intern in the Department of Radiology at Michigan Medicine, knows this firsthand.

“I love that I am able to work with many different people,” said Zielesch. “This has made for an array of experiences for me.”

During her time in the Department of Radiology this summer, Rebekah has taken part in a variety of projects, one of her favorites being a “HappyOrNot” kiosk implementation. These are kiosks for patients that collect real-time data on their experience at Michigan Medicine, unlike a patient survey that gets sent out months following their visit. She has compared both of these data-collection methods with her team.

For Zielesch, this internship has served as a way for her to prepare for her future somewhere close to home.

“I chose to intern with Michigan Medicine because I live in Ann Arbor and have always admired that they are an academic medical center. I also knew they were a prestigious institution that would have a lot to offer me,” she said. “Everyone is willing to help me out and provide explanations to my questions when needed.”

Asking questions and having them answered is what Zielesch believes is crucial for those pursuing an internship.

“Interns are expected to have many questions coming in, so those you work for are very open to answering anything you need. This is why internships are such an important experience to have,” said Zielesch. “When we ask questions, that is a harmless way to learn and grow as people.” 

Zielesch currently attends U-M and is a grad student pursuing a master’s degree in health services administration. Following graduation, she hopes to land an administrative fellowship or a job managing a clinic.

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