Plan ahead: P3 parking structure critical construction repairs project

July 22, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Please be advised that beginning Monday, July 26, the critical repairs project at the P3 parking structure will address the full replacement of two ceiling beams, located at the base of the ramp leading from Level 2.5 to Level 3. 

Due to the nature of these repairs, the following safety and other measures will be in place:

  • The bases of the ramps starting at Levels 2.5 and at 3 will be closed to vehicles (no thru traffic). Along both of these ramps, parking spaces in the area of the impacted beams will be closed.  
  • On the ramps below (starting at Levels 1.5 and 2), shoring will be in place beneath the repair area. Drive lanes will remain open to vehicles.
  • P3 parkers will use the Level 2.5 drive lane between the P3 & P2 structures (a new temporary connection) to circulate up in P2 and then back into P3 to access P3 upper level parking. 
  • A temporary P2/P3 connection will also be provided on Level 3, for access to parking spaces on P3 Level 3.
  • Special program parkers must still enter and exit at P3 and use the connections between the structures to circulate.

Please see the graphic below for additional details:

During this approximate 3-week phase, traffic circulation signage will be in place to assist parkers. Please drive cautiously while these critical repairs are being made.  

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.