Become a champion for workplace health and well-being

July 20, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees

A nurse on 8D, an assistant director in Alumni Association, and a senior administrative assistant in clinical affairs are among the 500-plus employees who serve as MHealthy Champions. As champions, they help support a culture of well-being and connection among their coworkers. 

Applications to become a champion are being accepted through Aug. 31.

“Champions are especially important as we continue to find ways to support our community’s health and stay connected regardless of where you’re working,” said Leola Hearing, a project specialist for MHealthy. “If you are enthusiastic about health and well-being and like to motivate others, we encourage you to apply.”

Kaiti Archer, a registered nurse on 8D at the University Hospital, decided to become a champion to help her front-line unit manage stress.

“Our unit, a mix of ICU and moderate care level patients, can be a stressful place,” said Archer. “I felt that I could use my role as an MHealthy Champion to promote healthy outlets for that stress and remind staff members to take care of themselves in all aspects of their life.”

Active, benefits-eligible employees working onsite, remote or a hybrid of both can apply. Champions serve a two-year term and spend approximately two hours per month on their duties:

  • Work with an MHealthy Wellness Coordinator to tailor activities to best fit the needs of their coworkers
  • Help to achieve their unit or department’s health and well-being goals
  • Communicate to coworkers about MHealthy programs and resources
  • Encourage participation in well-being activities and foster connection in today’s work environment

Archer decided to create a department recipe book to help encourage connection and promote wellness.

“I wanted a way for staff members to connect and share cultures with one another,” said Archer. “I asked staff members to contribute a recipe that is special to them but doesn’t necessarily have to be ‘healthy.’ Many staff members have expressed how much they’ve enjoyed making the recipes.”

If you are interested in becoming a champion, make sure to apply by Aug. 31. Prior to accepting the application, MHealthy will contact your supervisor for approval.

Learn more and apply to be an MHealthy Champion by Aug. 31.