Updated logos, new name for clinical enterprise launched as part of Michigan Medicine brand realignment initiative

June 3, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Strategy & Leadership

When you introduce yourself at a national conference, how do you describe where you work?

When patients tell someone where they received their care, how do they reference us?

Do learners feel like their work and contributions are represented in what Michigan Medicine means and represents?

It turns out that there is a lot of fragmentation in how people define our brand, and their relationship with our brand.

The Department of Communication began an extensive audit and information-gathering process almost two years ago to determine how audiences both inside and outside of Michigan Medicine better understand and use our brand.

Dozens of focus groups —including teammates across all three parts of our mission, as well as with patients and donors — informed the brand realignment work.

The focus groups revealed several foundational opportunities for improvement in Michigan Medicine’s brand architecture that can help our stakeholders better understand the uniqueness of our tripartite mission, as well as intuitively make connections between our brands and the work we do. 

One thing that isn’t changing is that Michigan Medicine will remain the “master brand” for our organization, but there will be some adjustments underneath the Michigan Medicine umbrella.

Key changes you will notice:

  • We will be reintroducing a piece of branding to reflect the clinical enterprise. University of Michigan Health will represent all of the clinical activities of the academic medical enterprise.  Along with this change, the logos of donor-named hospitals and patient-facing centers will now also reference University of Michigan Health visually. Of note, we will not be using the word “system” in the name, as extensive research has shown that consumers perceive health “systems” as more complicated, unfriendly and intimidating providers.
  • On the medical school side, the main change is the introduction of Michigan Medicine as part of the medical school logo, to connect the medical school to Michigan Medicine and vice versa.

Logos for programs, centers and institutes that are primarily organized around research will continue include a reference to Michigan Medicine in their visual marks.

All of the medical enterprise logos, as well as guidelines for the use of the logos and a variety of other brand resources, are available on Michigan Medicine’s new brand guidelines website: branding.med.umich.edu

There is no need to dispose of materials carrying any logos that are updated with the new brand architecture. You can continue using what you have and update logos as you naturally order new or updated materials. Other answers to frequently asked questions about the brand and logos can be found on the Michigan Medicine brand site.

The name and logo changes are in direct response to feedback we have received from both internal and external audiences. This brand realignment is an opportunity to help our internal and external audiences better understand how our tripartite mission uniquely connects us, and the role each part of our brand family has in advancing health to serve Michigan and the world.