Movement at Mott initiative encourages mobility and activity for patients

June 18, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Strategy & Leadership,

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Last week, the 7 East team at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital kicked off a new initiative for patients in their unit: Movement at Mott.

“Movement at Mott is an initiative to increase a patient’s activity time during their stay with us,” said Nancy Tena, M.S.N., R.N., CNS-BC, CPHON, BMTCN, clinical nurse specialist and leader of the initiative. “Research shows that mobility and activity help to promote overall health and well-being in our young patients, and helping a patient get out of bed during their hospital stay can prevent deconditioning and risk of falls.”

Each patient room on 7 East was equipped with tools to help patients and their care team engage in the initiative.

“There is a sign that asks the patient how they are feeling that day based on three levels: green, yellow and red,” Tena said. “Green is ‘I feel good,’ yellow is ‘I feel okay’ and red is ‘I feel sleepy, tired or unwell.’ Each day, the patient’s nurse along with other team members — such as providers, physical therapists and child life specialists — will ask how they are feeling and what level of activity the patient has chosen for that day. And we know there will be some days where it’s just not plausible for a patient to do activities because of how they are feeling.”

After their color/activity level has been chosen, the patient is given a menu of activities that correlate with their feeling level, as well as their age, and the patient is asked to choose at least one activity to do that day.

Examples of activities include riding a stationary bike, taking a walk around the unit, standing to play with playdoh on a table or playing with toys on a floor mat in their room.

“Our care teams will help the patient obtain any supplies or equipment they need for that day’s activities,” Tena said.

Tena and staff nurse Lina Clark, along with their colleagues Clare Still from occupational therapy and parent host Mary Breakey, kicked off Movement at Mott by hanging up materials in patient rooms, handing out fun trinkets (such as playdoh, sweatbands, exercise stretch bands and maracas) and education about the initiative to patients. They also provided staff with healthy snacks and encouraged everyone to stop by the ‘Silly Walk’ area.

“It was a cute way to get everyone on the unit thinking about mobility,” Tena said. “When you walked down this designated hallway, you had to show off your best moves!”

The care teams will be tracking how patients do with the initiative in their nursing activity flowsheets and provider notes.

“We designed the initiative to take into consideration the patient’s condition and how their labs, medications and procedures can impact their overall well-being,” Tena said. “We hope Movement at Mott empowers our patients to feel like they can add just a little bit of physical activity into their day.”