Diversity Means More: Diversify the Workforce

June 2, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Strategy & Leadership, ,
Diversity Means More: Diversify the workforce

The Anti-Racism Oversight Committee’s Diversify the Workforce subcommittee is working to identify and address critical factors in Michigan Medicine’s demographic composition. Once that work is completed, the team will recommend short- and long-term action plans to increase our underrepresented minority workforce and ensure they are receiving the support they need at all levels.

The subcommittee is focused on launching multiple initiatives that closely align with the employment life cycle — including recruitment, hiring/selection, development, advancement and transition. The intent of their multi-pronged approach is to increase the impact and sustainability of each initiative individually, while collectively supporting and strengthening the employee experience of a more diverse workplace.

“As we delve deeper into the work of our subcommittee, we have been impressed and invigorated by the outpouring of support, feedback and guidance from others committed to this focus in our Michigan Medicine community,” said Paul Sturgis, a Diversify the Workforce subcommittee co-chair and senior director of human resources strategy and organizational effectiveness.

Recruitment and hiring/selection

The Diversify the Workforce subcommittee is revisiting current hiring guidelines and working with Michigan Medicine Human Resources and The Office of General Counsel to increase utilization of standardized practices. The group is also working to develop a process that would provide support for a more-focused recruitment strategy for leadership positions.

In support of increasing workforce diversity and broadening our community’s knowledge of diverse experiences, perspectives and challenges, the subcommittee has also recommended wider dissemination of the faculty search committee and toolkit, reinforcement of (STRIDE) training for faculty as well as Unconscious Bias in Hiring training for staff.

Advancement and development

In addition to hiring guidelines and prioritized trainings, the Diversify the Workforce subcommittee has recommended reinforcing professional and career development planning for faculty and staff. This will be aided by developing a catalog of existing career support services offered at Michigan Medicine/U-M for faculty and staff. There will also be a centralized location for resources aimed at those interested in career development and support.

To assist in the career development process, the subcommittee proposed the expansion of mentoring options for faculty and staff. Of this, the utilization of micro-and mini-mentoring programs using existing systems available to match mentors and mentees has been recommended. 


In an effort to identify and address potential areas of concern, the subcommittee has recommended the use of exit surveys/interviews for all departing employees.

Additionally, the subcommittee is exploring term limits on upper management roles, and annual summaries of hires and terminations to be reviewed by Michigan Medicine leadership in an effort to identify patterns.

“The commitment and hope of our subcommittee is that through focused education and the development of new tools, we can move the needle and increase our excellence and diversity at Michigan Medicine,” Sturgis said. 

To keep up with the continuous progress of the Diversify the Workforce subcommittee visit the Diversify the Workplace webpage.