Week in Review: Nurses Week kickoff, Mental Health Awareness Month — and more!

May 7, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Headlines kicked off May with a bang, giving readers features related to both Nurses Week — which began on Thursday — and Mental Health Awareness Month.

There was also an inspirational patient story regarding a pregnant liver transplant recipient overcoming COVID-19, and faculty and staff shared why they are getting the COVID-19 vaccine despite initial reservations.

In case you missed anything, here’s the Week in Review!

‘It’s a privilege to care for people at their most vulnerable’: Colleagues reflect during emotional Nurses Week

Nurses Week 2021 is here and it’s giving Michigan Medicine’s more than 6,000 nurses a chance to reflect on the past year. And in those reflections, a number of themes have stood out, including the teamwork and common bonds shared by colleagues amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch a special video created for Nurses Week where nurses share how the last 14 months have impacted them.

Wellness Wednesday: With changing times, wellness check-ins are needed

Faculty and staff have made it clear over the past few months that there is a need for resources that will help them look out for their well-being. In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, Headlines and the Office of Counseling and Workplace Resilience provided such tools — which will make it easier for employees to safeguard their own wellness, along with that of their colleagues. Click for details.

A pregnant liver transplant recipient conquers COVID-19

Yolanda Roberson knew she was at high-risk of complications from COVID-19. She was pregnant and had a history of diabetes. So when she came down with the virus in late 2020, she turned to Michigan Medicine experts for help. Check out her story, which involved faculty and staff providing her with cutting-edge treatment that allowed her to overcome the disease.

‘De-fanging the virus’: Why getting the COVID-19 vaccine is so important

The organization — and state of Michigan — is making progress in vaccinating as many people as possible. In fact, roughly 50 percent of the adults in the state have had at least one vaccine dose. If you are still unsure about getting the vaccine, take a look at a new video featuring your colleagues who share how they overcame their own uncertainty to help move the community closer to normalcy.

The beginning of May also marks the five-year anniversary of the Michigan Health and Michigan Health Lab blogs. Learn more about the blogs and the important milestone they just reached on the latest episode of The Wrap employee podcast!

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