Pandemic pets, Part 2

May 26, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees

Yesterday, Headlines shared stories from a few of your colleagues who adopted pets during the pandemic. But the newsletter team wanted to share all of the pictures and stories of your fur babies that were submitted.

So here are even more of your pandemic pets!

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How it started vs. how it’s going


From Elyssa Daniel, communications specialist, Rogel Cancer Center

This is Benito (Benny) the mini-Bernedoodle.

He came home at 8 weeks old on Dec. 23 and life hasn’t been the same since.

Watching this little goofball grow has been the perfect way to start a new year with hope and a bit of laughter.

He has been described as “aggressively affectionate” and his favorite activity is destruction.

One more to make a trifecta

Oscar, Archie and Hank

From Julieanne M. Lock, M.S.A., research administrator, Department of Psychiatry 

We had been considering bringing home another dog for a long while and with my working from home, the timing was perfect to bring home Oscar, our Bernese Mountain Dog/Poodle mix, last December.

He’s brought a lot of fun and puppy antics to our lives during a stressful period and enjoys teaming up with his brothers, Archie and Hank, to make sure I take regular breaks throughout my work day. 

Even the pets want us to be safe!

Abbey and Bella

From Terry Karnatz, Certified Revenue Cycle Representative, B.B.A., B.S., business/financial analyst, revenue cycle

This is Abbey and Bella.

We were frustrated when folks were not taking wearing a mask as a matter of life or death.

They helped us to remind everyone of their responsibility!

A polar bear for the Fourth of July


From Megan Podschlne, project manager, Transplant Center

We got Naya almost a year ago.

I wanted to get a dog pretty early into the pandemic and my boyfriend was hesitant, but I kept catching him looking at puppies online!

At the beginning of July, he sent me a post about a litter of 8-week-old Golden Pyrenees three hours away on the west side of the state. We had a couple days of weighing the pros and cons, then we decided to “just go look.” Well, we all know how that goes!

The past ten months with her have been exhausting but wonderful. We love our little polar bear so much and couldn’t imagine life without her.

A perfect lottery prize


From Nancy Whitney, business systems analyst, medication use technology, Health Information Technology & Services

I decided to adopt a puppy and in April I signed up for the Huron Valley Humane Society’s Love Train program which brings animals, mostly dogs and puppies from high-traffic shelters.

After some initial bad luck, in October, 45 puppies were brought up from a shelter somewhere down south and my name was drawn from their lottery. On Oct. 6, I went to pick out my new, 3-month old furry friend whom I named Diego. HVHS identified him as a hound mix, and after some research and the aid of a dog scanner app I believe he is a Plott Hound.

Diego is now a happy, healthy 10 month-old and at 65 lbs., he now outweighs my great-niece Leila!

Stop and say hello!

Penny Lane

From Anna Taylor, C.R.A., Grants Services and Analysis Office, U-M Medical School

This is Penny Lane. I met her on Aug. 29 at an Ottawa Rescue called Noah’s Project. She is seven years old and her previous owner gave her up when they retired so they could travel.

Penny is sweet, well behaved and a happy ray of sunshine. I had always put off owning a dog because I didn’t want to not have time for them, but the pandemic gave me the facetime that helped her adjust to her new home.

Even when I go back to the office I think she will be all right with the trust we’ve built. Her joy at seeing me when I come home from short errands is over the top. I feel lucky she’s mine.

An 11-year-old cuddle bug


From Sarah Price, M.S., R.D.N., Bone Marrow Transplant, Patient Food and Nutrition Services

I adopted Rory on Dec. 5 from the Westland facility of the Michigan Humane Society. Rory is 11 years old and had been at the shelter for a couple months before I adopted her. She is very affectionate, sweet and snuggly.

I wanted to adopt an older cat who was being overlooked for not being a kitten. Rory sleeps cradled in my arm under the covers every single night and runs to sit on my lap as soon as I sit down. I’m so glad I found her!

Small dog, big personality

From Katherine Gold, M.D., M.S.W., M.S., associate professor, family medicine and obstetrics and gynecology

We adopted an 11-year-old senior Chiweenie with a serious heart condition in August. He had been in foster care for a year.

I’d never had a small dog, but he has quite the personality and has brought enormous joy to our lives.

He gets along with our other dog and rescued cats. He can be a bit ornery at times, but he’s been a wonderful addition to our family.

I’d encourage folks to consider adopting a senior animal; we’ve had a wonderful experience. 

You are my sunshine


From Lisa Clark, patient services associate

Meet Mocha, my very hyper, energetic, 16-month-old puppy.

As much as she loves to sunbathe in the sun, she has been MY sunshine since I got her six months ago. She keeps me going, has shown me unconditional love and never talks back!

With her crazy personality, she always knows how to make me laugh.

She will always be my silver lining!

A future sidewalk superstar


From Tammy Moorey, administrative assistant, obstetrics and gynecology

Meet Lily, she is my future running buddy!

We got her last October, and life has not been the same since!