Jennifer Dornbos, R.N., recognized with DAISY Award

May 20, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees
A nurse in floral scrubs holding a trophy.

Congratulations to Jennifer Dornbos, R.N., a member of the 7A team!

Dornbos was recently lauded with a DAISY Award, which is given out by the DAISY Foundation to nurses who go above and beyond in their role.

Here’s an excerpt from one of her nominations, as submitted by a family member:

“My husband was admitted to 7A from the ED with a very high fever, sepsis, cellulitis and he was also awaiting COVID-19 results.

The onset of his illness occurred within 14 hours, and during this unprecedented time, to say we were frightened would be an understatement. Then, for me, the difficulty heightened when I was not allowed to be with my husband at his side.

With complete understanding, but literally devastated, I left his side to go home. We relied on technology to stay close.

My husband and our entire family were blessed that Jen was my husband’s nurse. His overall mood improved as his anxiety reduced. He would say ‘I’m in good hands, my nurse is awesome. I feel like she is going to know if I end up in trouble.’

In past situations, that ‘reassuring’ nurse might have been taken for granted, but not this time, and not ever again! My husband’s life could very well have depended on her skill of assessment.

After he received a negative COVID-19 test, I was allowed to visit. It was at that time that Jen’s compassion spilled over onto me, and I will always be grateful.

While we were wrought with anxiety and fear, she not only did her job of taking extremely good care of my husband’s medical needs, she took care of our needs as hurting people…scared people…uncertain people. We gained confidence, and chose to act with knowledge rather than fear under Jen’s care.

I noted her efficiency in handling his medical care, specifically in how she noted the pattern of his leg infection, the color and temperature of his skin and the appropriate dispending of medications to help him heal. She was diligent in checking his vital functions. All the while, she kept a smile on her face and an upbeat disposition that made a terrible time for us more bearable.

In summary, Jen treated the ‘whole person’ of her patient, but also cared for me. From making sure his basic needs were met, to the ‘little’ things that were offered for comfort, she was always asking if there was anything more she could do for us. She did all of that while diligently performing all of the other skilled services my husband required during his stay.

Jen did it all with ease and with the competence of a true professional. If ever a nurse deserved this DAISY Award for extraordinary nurses, it is Jen!”

Watch Dornbos’ award ceremony here.