You asked for it, you’ll get it: Contribute to the Michigan Medicine movie list!

April 8, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Announcements, Our Employees

Last week, Headlines asked readers if they were interested in helping compile a Michigan Medicine movie recommendation list. They were also asked to send in their suggestions for other types of user-generated lists moving forward. 

In response, there was overwhelming support for publishing a movie list — in addition to numerous recommendations for other categories that will be collected in the months and years ahead (yes, that many suggestions were received). 

A major “THANK YOU!” to everyone who participated in the poll and to those who participated in the book list! ICYMI: Here is the full list of book recommendations in PDF form: Michigan Medicine Book Recommendations 2021 

Lights, camera, action! 

Without further ado, this month, it’s time to help Headlines create a list of Michigan Medicine’s Employee Movie Recommendations! 

Netflix. Disney+. Amazon Prime Video. Paramount Plus. Hulu. HBO Max … The list goes on and on! 

These new platforms have created endless movie night options. From classics to new superheroes and fresh scripts, it’s been hard not to be glued to the screen during the pandemic.   

This year, the Academy Awards (The Oscars) were pushed back from February and will instead be held on April 25.  So that means you can catch up on all the nominated (or snubbed) movies and also have plenty more for summer movie nights. But don’t worry, your recommendations don’t have to be tied to this year. We want to know your all-time favorites, too! 

To submit your recommendations, fill out the form below or click here.

Recommendations will be published each Friday starting April 16 and culminating with a full downloadable list on April 30.

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