Wellness Wednesday: Wellness Office offers burnout toolkit

April 14, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Updates & Resources

Burnout is a common experience for many — and the well-being of Michigan Medicine faculty, staff and learners has been impacted by burnout, even before COVID-19.

Understanding what burnout is, and what can be done to address and alleviate burnout is critical to enacting lasting change.

The Michigan Medicine Wellness Office recently developed the Burnout Toolkit, which includes helpful interventions from evidence-based research for faculty, staff, learners and leaders. The toolkit is the first of many toolkits created by the Wellness Office in an effort to bring about positive change to well-being at the organizational-level, work-level and individual-level across Michigan Medicine.

“Our goal is to improve workplace well-being, which we define as optimizing our quality of life and experience at work,” said Kirk J. Brower, M.D., chief wellness officer. “When we are well, we have energy for work and feel connected to our patients and each other. When we are burned out, we feel exhausted and detached. Recognizing and addressing burnout is essential for Michigan Medicine to fulfill it missions and live its values.”  

You can view the burnout toolkit here or visit the Wellness Office website for resources on well-being and more.