‘She has been his cheerleader, his caretaker, his everything’: Jenny Hug, R.N., earns DAISY Award

April 27, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees
Woman posing with an award certificate.
Jenny Hug, R.N.

Congratulations to Jenny Hug, R.N., who recently received a DAISY Award for her work on 4C at University Hospital!

The DAISY Awards are given out by the DAISY Foundation to nurses who go above and beyond in their role.

At Michigan Medicine, Hug’s work has been recognized by the family members of patients she serves. Most recently, that work has come as part of the team caring for those with COVID-19.

Here’s a recent nomination from a patient’s spouse:

“I wanted to reach out to show my appreciation for a nurse that has been taking care of my husband while he has been at U-M as a COVID-19 patient.

Over the past few weeks while caring for my husband. Jenny Hug has gone above and way beyond to show her compassion not only as a nurse, but as a human being.

My husband came in through the ED with difficulty breathing, as a COVID-19-positive patient. He was admitted to the RICU, and put on a ventilator the next day. Once the ventilator was removed, he was moved out of the RICU and transferred to the floor where Jenny has been his nurse here and there ever since.

She has been his cheerleader, his caretaker, his everything many times over! She will pop her head in his door just to give him the ‘thumbs up’ because she knows he is all alone in there. That doesn’t sound like much, but honestly a simple check in and saying ‘hi’ to a lonely, scared patient means a lot.

He looked forward to her being his nurse and told me the other day that ‘Jenny comes back soon’ because she had been off for a few days and he was looking forward to seeing her again. On top of all that, I asked on a whim if I would be able to come and see my husband through the window for his birthday.

She said, ‘you know what, I don’t know but let me see what I can do.’ She really came through for me and honestly, was just as excited for us as we were! We would be able to come and hopefully raise his spirits. As I looked up, what did I see? Jenny was jumping up and down in the window, waving and dancing, all the while pointing down to us for my husband to see us too! I mean, she doesn’t even know any of us, and it felt like we had known her for forever. That right there is a kind, caring and compassionate person.

She comes to work every day cheerful, and ready to serve in a scary time. It’s incredibly difficult to not be able to comfort a loved one during this awful virus, but people like Jenny make it a bit easier and for that, I am very grateful!

Jenny honestly deserves this award, and if you asked my husband, without even telling him what I wrote about Jenny, he would say the exact same and more!”