FY21 Valuation: Quarter 4 — Bringing it all together

April 14, 2021  //  FOUND IN: Our Employees,
Performance Management with colorful icons representing various workflows.

As we enter the fourth quarter of FY21, it’s time to finalize a few details to complete the FY21 Valuation and start thinking about next year’s goals.

By this time, much of the work has been done to make the Valuation process a success for leaders and staff.

Over the last three quarters, employees should have drafted SMART goals, had regular quarterly check-ins with their supervisor to discuss progress and modifications toward goals and be well on their way to wrapping up their Valuations.

The focus for Q4 is to focus on progress made, receive feedback from colleagues, customers and supervisors, and begin planning for the next year.

To help understand what to do in Q4, watch this brief overview video and review the steps outlined below.

Remember, the goal of the Performance Management Valuation process is to have continuous conversations between leader and employee to foster growth.

Upcoming webinars and additional resources

To help both staff and leaders learn more about the FY21 Valuation and how to successfully complete the year-end process, several information sessions have been scheduled, beginning April 30. Anyone is welcome to register and attend these sessions.

Also, a special leader-focused valuation information has been created to support leaders who may have questions or want more information about how to use the Performance Management process more effectively and efficiently within their teams and departments. Anyone with direct reports is encouraged to register for one of the two sessions available in May and June.

If you have questions about the FY21 Valuation, please email, FY21Valuation@umich.edu.